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Digital Futures West Sussex Roadshow: The Create Building, Crawley

Thu 29 Jun 2023
16:00 - 19:00
The Create Building, Crawley

About the event

Digital Futures West Sussex, a new programme launched to connect local businesses with talented jobseekers, is running its next urban roadshow in Crawley.

Jobseekers, career shifters and anyone with an interest in digital skills will get the chance to meet with employers and learn about the vast range of opportunities for digital careers in West Sussex at our interactive roadshows.

The roadshows will showcase the best digital opportunities in the county, with local businesses attending to present their success stories and talk about their work, as well as advising on routes into digital jobs, the roles available and the benefits and salaries associated with digital careers. Attendees will be able to meet with a diverse range of business people from different sectors and find out about relevant courses to support career development.

There will be talks from business leaders to share their insights on the skills and experience needed to pursue digital careers.

What to expect

Hear from and connect with the breadth of employers and businesses in need of digital skills

Discuss and contribute to conversations on the importance of digital transformation in the county and feel part of a bigger focus on digital futures.

Speak to employers and businesses about typical roles within their business and what these look like.

Feel more confident in understanding what skills and attributes are helpful in digital careers and what's available locally.

Connect with and identify potential training and education routes into digital careers.

Building networks across the digital space in West Sussex.

This event is suitable for anyone with an interest in digital careers and how digital and tech developments are shaping the county. Please note: while there will be opportunities to talk about digital roles with local businesses, this is not a careers fair. There will be future focused discussions that will help people understand what roles or careers could look like for them.

Please contact with any questions about the event.

About the hosts

The Digital Futures West Sussex programme was launched to inspire jobseekers and people at all stages of their careers to discover the range of digital roles available in West Sussex, to connect local businesses with local talent and increase aspiration for digital careers across the county.