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AI Breakfast Session - Cinematic Synthesis: A Journey into Generative AI

Thu 20 Jul 2023
09:00 - 10:00
The Fusebox, Brighton and Hove
Free for members, £20 for non-members

About the event

AI Breakfast Session - Cinematic Synthesis: A Journey into Generative AI image

 :sun_with_face: Rise and shine with Wired Sussex and delve into the fascinating world of Generative AI in our special breakfast session. This event is an introduction to the powerful tools and possibilities that AI opens up in creative storytelling and is the perfect opportunity for both beginners and seasoned professionals.

Join Chris Chowen, Creative Technologist and Innovation Manager at the FuseBox, as he navigates the future of media through the lens of AI and uncovers the mysteries of generative art.

 :crystal_ball:  What to Expect:
This session, aptly titled "Cinematic Synthesis: A Journey into Generative AI", aims to illuminate the process behind AI-driven image generation, voice replication, and 3D content creation. With a focus on practical examples and real-life applications, Chris will introduce the concept of AI tools like Midjourney, neurally enhanced radiance fields (NERFs), AI mocap with, and Wonder Dynamics.

 :movie_camera: The Future of Filmmaking:
We'll take a closer look at the future of filmmaking through the marvels of AI video generation. Despite being in its nascent stage, the potential of AI video generation can be game-changing for the industry. Learn how AI could shape the future of your film projects or artistic expressions.

 :seedling: Who Should Attend:
This beginner-friendly session is designed for anyone interested in multimedia, technology, and design. Whether you're an artist looking to harness the power of AI in your work, an entrepreneur seeking to understand the implications of AI in media and content creation, or simply a technology enthusiast wanting to stay abreast of the latest developments in AI, this session is for you.

 :coffee: Coffee and pastries will be provided! Don't miss this opportunity to fuel your day and your mind with the wonders of Generative AI.

Sign up now and join us for a morning of groundbreaking technology and inspiring conversation. We can't wait to see you there!