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Social Media Strategy and Creativity Breakfast Session Day 6

Mon 16 Oct 2023
09:00 - 10:00
The FuseBox, Brighton and Hove

About the event

Social Media Strategy and Creativity Breakfast Session Day 6 image

DAY 6 - Possible Futures, Probable Futures, Preferable Futures and Predicted Futures. We will look at the future of Social Media. How AR and AI will impact Social Media in the next decade.


How to develop and present an online Digital Festival. You’ll be better able to place future evolutions in online marketing within a context.

What are the 9 principles to become a master #socialmedia storyteller? Chris Hogg, a playwright & lecturer in Creative & Social Media at Royal Holloway, is hosting 6 breakfast meetings at Fusebox that will not only enhance your creativity but also develop your social media strategy for the next year. So Come with your social media conundrums and experience the course that has given clarity to over 1,000 people.

This event will be available to all members to attend both digitally and in person, digital links to the event will be sent out closer to the event time to all members who have signed up for it.

Coffee and pastries will be provided as usual.