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Brighton Indiependent Meetup

Thu 28 Sep 2023
18:00 - 21:00
BrewDog Brighton, Brighton

About the event

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Indiependent Meetups are for people who are seeking life, career, money and business on their own indie-pendent terms.

​This could mean you are a freelancer, creator, founder, investor, writer, activist, technologist or something else along those lines. Often it means we're doing a mixture, or have ambitions to get out of our day job.

​Whatever it is, it's time to meet up again! The pandemic has been tough. The world needs us to gather again to help us tackle the problems that need solving.

​This is a casual meetup to help us all connect and get to know one another.

​We've booked a table from 6-9pm at BrewDog, it's free to attend and it's buy your own drinks/food.

About the hosts

Hi! I'm Rosie Sherry.I'm a founder and community builder at heart and I've spent the past 15+ years building businesses, working in tech & startups. More recently I've been teaching and writing around business and community building.You can explore a bit more about me from here: