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Wednesday, 23 January

Automation - Software Testing Clinic 1.9

Its Automation Time!This session we are going to cover:
- Describing what automation is within the context of software testing
- Breaking down an application to discover automation opportunities
- Describing the different characteristics of automated checks
- Choosing specific tools for specific problems that can contribute to a successful automation strategy

If you are unsure what this session is going to be about, this video should give you a nice taster for the rest of the evening: 


Arrive from 6pm 
The session kicks off at 6:30 with a break for food around 45 minutes-1 hour in to the session.We will finish just before 9pm.

Software testing Clinic is a safe place for students and mentors to learn about software testing.

Sponsors:This session is kindly sponsored By Legal and General and venue is provided by Platf9rm.

Time: 18:00-21:00
Full details
Tower Point, 44 North Road, Floor 6
Thursday, 24 January

Brighton Gamification Meetup

Happy New Year and welcome to Gamification+'s first gamification meetup of 2019.

For our first event we have invited Tania Vercoelen to showcase her new and exciting educational game: 'Project Ninjas'.

Please follow the link to read the introduction Tania has written about the game. 

We have highlighted some of the key benefits to this event below, and further have broken down the main themes that will be going on throughout the evening.

By attending this event you will:
? Learn more about project management
? Be able to see firsthand the amazing benefits of playtesting, especially if you are a games/gamification designer yourself
? Be one of the first to play this game
? Meet the game designer
? Know that the feedback you are giving will have a direct and helpful impact on future editions of the game
? Meet other games and gamification designers in and around Brighton/London

On the 24th we will:
? Welcome you at the entrance of The Projects where we will be hosting the meetup (5 mins)
? Have introductions and networking (15 mins)
? Play 'Project Ninjas' (60 mins)
? Give feedback (45 mins)
? Network (...until 9!)

So... join this group if you aren't already a member and then click the 'tick' (?) to show that you are attending.

We look forward to meeting you on Janurary 24th at 6:00pm!

Time: 18:00-21:00
Full details
The Projects
8-9 Ship Street
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