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Tuesday, 06 August

Friendly SEO: An intro to getting found in Search

Come and have a pint and learn about SEO.

Everyday I'm talking with small businesses and freelancers who are scared of SEO and feel stupid asking questions.

This is the event to quash the notion that it's too complex or difficult for you to understand. I'm here to make SEO friendly and less scary.

I'll run through some basic concepts, explain why you don't always have to be top and answer your questions in a relaxed and friendly environment.

17:30 - 18:00: Arrival
18:00 - 18:45 Talk
18:45 Onwards - Questions / Drinking / Networking
I'll be setting up from around 17:00 so feel free to pop by and say hello earlier if you're at a loose end.


We're upstairs in the second room on the right at the lovely craft beer company.

Buy a pint on the way up!

Who is this talk for?

This talk is an introduction to all things SEO and is designed for anyone to turn up who wants to learn the basic concepts of what it is, and what it all means.

If you're one of the below, here's the questions I aim to answer :

Freelancers - What SEO can you do yourself? When should you outsource? Should you even bother?
Business Owners - Work with agencies but feeling lost? Unsure what you can do yourself? Understand the basic terms so that you aren't lost in meetings and understand the opportunities to grow
Entrepreneurs - Find opportunities and get a basic grasp of where to go to learn more information.
What will you learn?

What is SEO?
What does being first really mean?
Why should you "do" SEO?
What are keywords?
Who on earth am I?

I work with small businesses and freelancers to help them understand SEO and get the most out of it at the lowest cost.

I've always worked in house for small companies and there's always been a fear about search and Google which I now aim to remove so companies can grow and see how much opportunity there is for them.

Frustrated with all resources being focused on big companies with money to burn, I'm dedicated to helping smaller companies and individuals use SEO to their advantage and grow.

SEO Shouldn't be scary!

Time: 17:30-20:00
Full details
Craft Beer Co
22-23 Upper North Street
Thursday, 08 August

Tech-Privacy Workshop

Face Recognition, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Wearable Tech, Augmented/Virtual Reality, Behavioural Prediction and Tracking and Med-Tech all offer huge opportunities to change our lives and grow our businesses, but these technologies come with responsibility, and legal obligations.

These small interactive workshops are designed to explore the potential privacy challenges these technologies create, and more importantly, how we can build protections into our systems and processes to protect users and ultimately our business.

These free monthly events are scheduled for the second Thursday of each month and are guided by our attendees, to ensure maximum value to participants as the events grow.

Hosted by Data Compliance Specialists, Brighton's leading Privacy professional focused on the high-tech sector, and by Phil May, an IAPP Certified Privacy Pro and experienced high-tech professional who has worked for numerous software and hardware companies in both the UK and Silicon Valley.

Benefits of attending:

Learn about the legal requirements GDPR and other jurisdictions place on the use of these technologies
Hear from other privacy professionals about the challenges they've faced and how they overcame them
Network with other business leaders facing similar issues
Feel free to contact Phil May (phil@datacompliancespecialists.co.uk) if you have any questions. You can also signup for our free monthly Privacy & Security Awareness Newsletter to be kept updated on all the latest privacy and security news and tips.

See you there!

Time: 12:30-13:30
Full details
Platf9rm (Tower Point)
44 North Rd
Thursday, 15 August

nUXers - the meetup group for junior-midweight UXers

nUXers is a group of junior-midweight UX professionals in the first few years of our careers.We meet monthly to chat, practice workshop exercises, share our experiences and voice all our silly questions in a safe space.

The atmosphere is friendly and informal with a focus on interactive workshop style exercises, run by group members or invited guests.This event is targeted at people who are interested in developing their UX skills, rather than complete beginners wanting an introduction to UX. 

We meet in the back room of a pub, which serves cold beer and delicious Thai food, and we always leave plenty of time for socialising.We hope you can join us :)
Time: 18:30-21:30
Full details
Three Jolly Butchers
59 North Rd
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