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Wednesday, 30 January

Blockchain - Powering the Future

About a year ago BitCoin blewup - everyone was buying it in the hope of making some money. It was trading at £15,000 a coin and now sits quietly at around £3,000 a coin. 

Whilst a lot of people did make money and some made none, what it brought to the attention of the world was the technology that lies behind it. 

That technology is Blockchain.

Many tech 'gurus' see Blockchain as a fundamental shift in digital technology and will change the way many things are done in the future. Things such as contracts of ownership, voting, banking and currency transactions. It will encompass the Internet of Things. 

In this months talk we are pleased to welcome Ben Martin, Innovation Director at Automation Squared, to unpack Bitcoin technology and explain what it will mean to the future of small businesses. 

To get you thinking have a look at this infographic on Blockchain:


Time: 17:30-19:30
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The Dome, University of Chichester
Upper Bognor Road
Bognor Regis
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