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5G Brighton

Enabling businesses to test applications that benefit from this new and incredibly fast, low-latency, always-on wireless, mobile technology.

What is this about?

5G is a new wireless mobile technology that is incredibly fast, very stable and with very low latency; a revolutionary technology that could unleash game-changing digital products and services. The 5G testbed programme gives regional businesses and organisations the chance to understand 5G and, potentially, to create new applications using its unique characteristics.

What has happened so far?

We launched the 5G Brighton testbed programme in 2018, working in partnership with the Digital Catapult, Coast to Capital LEP and the University of Brighton.

Currently based at The FuseBox, the 5G Brighton testbed allows businesses to benefit from state-of-the-art 5G mobile wireless technology and provides space for testing and exploring the potential new applications of 5G, generating novel digital products, services and experiences.

Watch 5G in Action: demonstrating the opportunities of 5G | Digital Catapult

What happened?

We ran a series of programmes to support further business engagement with the testbed. The companies involved in the latest 5G Testbed Accelerator Programme were:

  • Bushra Burge Studio - created an immersive VR experience using mindful reflection to create personal, interactive stories that fuse multicultural elements of meditation. Read more about how the creation of Brick Lane Festival went.
  • Overview Ark - a creative studio specialising in multi-reality events which blend elements of Secret Cinema with live streamed VR to create a platform for musicians, brands and artists to bridge the gap between real and virtual events for their audiences.
  • - a computational photography startup bringing its product - the Alice Camera™ - to content creators and photographers. Mixing AI with traditional photography, a single device processes images using 5G to enable streaming of high quality video content from various social media platforms.
  • The Round - a content software development studio for innovative uses of immersive tech for performance and storytelling. The Round is an innovative new platform built with motion and volumetric capture experts and theatre visualisation specialists for theatre makers to create and distribute live performances in AR delivered directly to audiences’ homes around the world.
  • Rippla - enabling real-time collaboration between musicians, and bringing audiences unique, engaging and exclusive music events, live streamed at home and into a live venue to create unforgettable music experiences.
  • -’s app brings a new dimension to storytelling on mobile devices, transforming graphic novels into interactive experiences where the story and the characters adapt and react depending on how you play.
  • makeAMPLIFY - makeAMPLIFY (mA) is a collective of award-winning artists and technologists led by artistic directors Jennifer Irons and Zach Walker. It specialises in creating spectacular large scale outdoor immersive events that transform people and public spaces into the extraordinary. It illuminates and re-imagines city centres and landscapes, bringing forgotten or ignored buildings to life, and engaging communities and audiences in life-affirming stories that celebrate being together physically, emotionally and digitally.

To find out how you and your business might access and benefit from the 5G Brighton testbed, or if you have any questions about it, get in touch.

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To find out how you and your business might access and benefit from the 5G Brighton testbed, or if you have any questions about it, get in touch.