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The FuseBox

Supporting digital entrepreneurs, tech visionaries and creative technologists who want to turn their ideas into successful innovations.

What is this about?

The FuseBox is our home and a hub for digital innovators, tech visionaries and creative technologists. Through it, we provide innovators with access to spaces, facilities, opportunities and expertise.

The FuseBox is a place where innovators can be supported and can support each other, where knowledge and practices from the arts, humanities and design mesh with new technologies. 

The FuseBox is about learning through doing, demonstrating and testing; and in better innovation through collaboration.

Legal & General are the official partners of The FuseBox. Founded in 1836, Legal & General have since grown into one of Europe's largest insurance and asset management groups. As consumer tech continues to evolve, they want to be a market leader in offering consumers digital access to life insurance, general insurance and personal investments.

What has happened so far?

The FuseBox has grown in resources, scope and ambition since its doors were first opened in 2013.

We have run a series of programmes during that time, learning how to improve our support for innovation in the region. The FuseBox currently houses the Brighton Immersive Lab and the 5G Brighton testbed, a number of programmes of activity and around 25 resident companies from classical musicians and architects to Virtual Reality app developers and Artificial Intelligence creators.

What is planned?

The FuseBox is open for residencies. We welcome applications from individuals, start-ups, small teams and those developing new digital products or services at existing businesses. Our current focus is to support those working in four core theme areas. These are:

  • Immersive: Virtual and Augmented Reality
  • Connected: 5G and Internet of Things
  • Intelligent: Artificial and Computational Intelligence
  • Data: Big Data and Data Visualisation tools

Through its partnership with Legal & General, The FuseBox will be running a series of activities to support its community of innovators, helping them discover and evolve their ideas and innovations during the 2020 lockdown.

Get involved

If you’re interested in finding out more about The FuseBox, attending any of our events or workshops, or even becoming a resident, visit the FuseBox website or get in touch.

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