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Skills and Talent Manifesto

A collective commitment that supports our goal of making our region the best place in the UK for anyone to build a fulfilling digital career.

What is this?

The Skills and Talent Manifesto is a collective commitment which addresses our community’s aspiration to make Greater Brighton the best place in the UK for anyone to have a fulfilling career in the digital sector. It pulls together our beliefs that people are our greatest asset, that we need to create diverse and inclusive teams and the importance of education and skills development. In more detail, these collective commitments are:

We believe that...

  • People are truly our greatest asset
  • Talent is widely distributed but opportunity is not, and that must change
  • A developing and ambitious sector requires people to learn throughout their lives as well as when they are in education
  • Collaboration is our competitive advantage: all boats rise with the tide

We aspire to...

  • Ensure that anyone is able to build a fulfilling career in our digital, media and tech sector
  • Create strong and effective partnerships between the education system and our sector
  • Enhance our region’s reputation around the world for openness and creativity, and as a fantastic place for people in our sector to live, grow and succeed

We commit to...

  • Undertake our recruitment in a way that ensures we seek out and recognise talented people from every part of society
  • Create an inclusive and supportive workplace culture
  • Share and promote our best practices with others in our sector
  • Encourage and support initiatives to make our region accessible, affordable and welcoming to all talent, from anywhere

By signing up to the Manifesto, you provide weight and momentum to our collective commitment, as well as making an outward-facing promise to your employees and stakeholders about your commitment to diversity and inclusion.

What has happened so far?

The Manifesto originated from our 2018 Skills Summit where our members shared their aspirations for our cluster. We took these common goals and drew up a pledge which allows us to focus on our collective beliefs and work together to meet our commitment. 

The Skills and Talent Manifesto launched at our 2019 Skills Summit and we have already had a positive response from the community who are keen to both signup and take an active role in associated initiatives. 

What is planned for the future?

We will be encouraging companies to pledge to the Manifesto. The more signatures we have, the more weight the Manifesto will carry. 

We are also working on a number of initiatives to begin to deliver on our aspirations. These include our Talent Diversity and Inclusion Toolkit and the Diversity Working Group. 

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