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Living wage Brighton

Living Wage

At Wired Sussex we’ve committed to paying at least Brighton Living Wage to all our staff as we recognise the high costs to live in our wonderful city and we’d like to support and nurture it’s talent where possible

Feedback from our Job Posters

" Wired Sussex is awesome. We used them in a recent drive to hire new team members for our copywriting positions. We received an overwhelming number of responses, with amazingly qualified and keen individuals looking for work. Thanks to the response we received, the ease of working with their team, and the overall experience, we will definitely work with Wired Sussex again for our next recruiting drive. We highly recommend using them for your recruiting efforts!”"
Jonathan Kiekbusch - i2W Ltd

" We filled the vacancy through a candidate applying via Wired Sussex & we had the same advert on LinkedIn."
Andrew Farrell, Matchbox Mobile

" We use Wired Sussex for all of our recruitment needs - the quality of applicants we receive almost immediately after posting adverts is great, giving us a nice selection of candidates to take on to the interview stage. I would highly recommend using Wired for any creative positions you are looking to advertise."
Ed Entecott, Lollipop Print