How to Become a Digital Campaign Manager

07 Sep 2020

07 Sep 2020

How to Become a Digital Campaign Manager

If your communication skills are unrivalled, you keep up with the latest trends, and love to follow great online media campaigns, have you ever thought about how those campaigns come to fruition? 

If this all sounds like something you will enjoy, then maybe it’s time you thought about how to become a Digital Campaign Manager.

What is a Digital Campaign Manager?

A Digital Campaign Manager or Digital Producer will tackle all of the digital marketing campaigns for a range of clients, including all of the online channels like mobile apps, social media, and their website. A client is going to ask for an accurate timetable for the project - so you’ll need to be organised too. 

Digital Campaign Managers are involved in several aspects of every digital campaign. They may choose to write some of the content for a range of media like emails and social media platforms. Or they might also apply those digital marketing techniques to SEO and SEM. 

One of the critical parts of being a Digital Campaign Manager is the ability to use a wide range of analysis and tracking tools to measure and report back on the effectiveness of the campaign.

What does a Digital Campaign Manager do?

Here are a number of the usual day-to-day tasks of a digital campaign manager:

  • Handle all of the B2B and B2C marketing campaigns - this includes customer retention and customer acquisition.
  • Oversee the work of internal and external agencies like animators, printers, and designers
  • Manage the procedure, implementation and tracking of all marketing campaigns, then measure their success against initial KPIs.
  • Write, edit and then proofread all promotional materials for the marketing campaigns.
  • Put the brand identity at the forefront of all of the campaign work, and in all communication channels. 
  • Work within the budget and keep a strict set of reporting on any overspending.

Skills and experience for a Digital Campaign Manager

There are several skills that any company hiring a Digital Campaign Manager would like to see:

  • Communication is the bread and butter of a Digital Campaign Manager's role; excellent writing skills are a must and succinct speaking skills too. They’ll be managing the relationship between all agencies' and third-parties as well as customers and need to also speak to senior-level managers and more.
  • Management skills are part and parcel of being a Digital Campaign Manager. Formulating the entire marketing plan and working with a team, both external and internal, is essential.
  • Project management skills are crucial as campaign manager, as they will need to work within budgets, meet deadlines, create timelines, and handle multiple projects at once.
  • Numerical skills are favoured in this role, as campaign managers need to be great with analytics as well as words. Using data and creating targeted campaigns as part of the success of a Digital Campaign Manager. 

What qualifications do I need to be a Digital Campaign Manager?

There are a number of qualifications that you can get in order to achieve your ideal role as a Digital Campaign Manager. In general, it will be expected that you have a bachelor’s or master's degree in marketing or a related field. Almost all businesses will also require that you have experience within their specific industry and expertise in digital marketing in general.

They also like to see that you have experience managing SEM/SEO, emails, social media, and the display advertising campaigns.

What does the career path for a digital campaign manager look like?

It is often the case that you will start with an entry-level digital marketing position. This will give you the skills on both online and display advertising. 

  • Digital Marketing Apprentice
  • Digital Marketing Executive
  • Senior Digital Marketing Executive

These are some of the most common job titles that you will see on this career path.

Career paths in digital marketing and digital media have many crossovers. You can move to customer relationship management, and email marketing manager, analytics manager, a digital marketing director and more. 

How much can I expect to be paid as a Digital Campaign Manager?

Digital Campaign Managers are typically known to have very good rates of pay, and there are bonuses, company rewards and extra perks. On average you can expect to see a salary of around £40,000 per year. Entry-level positions typically start around £25,000 a year, and the most experienced workers in digital campaign management can earn around £65,000 a year.

The digital marketing landscape is exciting and fast-paced and can make the ideal job choice for those who love details and design.

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