How to Get a Job in Social Media

05 Oct 2022

05 Oct 2022

How to Get a Job in Social Media

Is Social Media the job for me?

Are you a creative person with a passion for technology? If so, social media might be right for your skillset. Both writing and creating visual content is an important part of the social media strategist job description. A keen interest in how social media is used to promote businesses is essential. The job goes beyond simply replying to tweets!

In order to work in social media, you need to know about a variety of communication channels and which content would work best for each. How you use TikTok, Instagram, or Pinterest can vary, and it’s different when it’s for marketing purposes. A background in marketing isn’t essential, but knowledge of online tools and SEO is desirable. 

A job in social media involves improving the social media strategy for a business in order to boost their overall marketing efforts. A Social Media Manager's responsibilities involve creating posts on social media, link building, and networking. 

If you’re passionate about digital marketing, then this is an essential Social Media Manager skill. The social media average salary is also generous. If you think this could be the role for you, read on to find out more about Social Media Manager and Social Media Strategist jobs, and the qualifications needed.

Social Media career path

What jobs in social media can I get? 

There are a variety of roles available in social media. These might start with entry-level positions, such as Social Media Coordinator, that progresses into more a senior-level role, such as a Social Media Manager or Social Media Strategist. The main types of social media jobs include Social Media Management, Analytics and Strategy, Content Creation, Community Management, and Campaigns and Promotion.

What does a Social Media Strategist do? 

An ideal role to aim for is Social Media Strategist. A Social Media Strategist is responsible for planning, developing, and implementing a business’s social media strategy to optimise online presence and digital marketing. Some typical duties in the social media strategist job description include managing content, tracking and analysing SEO, measuring the success of social media campaigns, and staying up to date with the latest best practices and technologies.  

How do I become a Social Media Strategist?

The qualifications and experience required will depend on the company but a degree in marketing, media, or communications is desirable. It’s also essential to have extensive knowledge of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and LinkedIn. Practical knowledge of search engine optimisation (SEO) is also important. Social media and SEO need to be used together to boost online presence and reputation. Familiarity with web design is also required.

Aside from the technical skills, social media strategists need to be great at multitasking, be critical thinkers and have great interpersonal skills. Problem-solving is an integral part of the job, as you’ll need to evaluate the effectiveness of your social media campaigns continually.

What does a Social Media Manager do? 

Social Media Managers essentially represent a company or brand across different social channels. They also create content and campaigns for use on social media. Social Media Managers are expert consultants who provide advice to companies on how to optimise their online presence and digital marketing. 

Social Media Manager roles and responsibilities 

Social Media Manager responsibilities can include planning strategy and goal setting for marketing. This often involves content and website management and SEO. Their main responsibility is developing brand awareness and online reputation. They cultivate leads and sales by turning fans into customers and customers into advocates.

How do I get started as a Social Media Manager?

Social Media Manager jobs require qualifications such as a marketing or communications degree. You'll also need to be proficient in content marketing. Social Media Managers need to be skilled in the use of different social media platforms. Another important Social Media Manager skill is the ability to communicate information effectively, using a high standard of writing and language.

What is the average salary for a job in Social Media?

The social media average salary can vary depending on the role. Someone just starting out might expect a salary starting at around £20k, while those in mid- and senior-level roles in social media might expect to earn up to around £45k+. Considerable growth is evident in the social media job market due to an increase in demand for digital marketing, and roles in social media are very popular.

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