Everything You Need to Know About a Career in Marketing & Sales

08 Sep 2020

08 Sep 2020

Everything You Need to Know About a Career in Marketing & Sales

First, let’s address the question already ringing in your mind: what is Marketing and Sales? Marketing is the business function which involves all the activities that inform and attracts people to a product or a service. The business function of Sales refers to the actions that lead to the successful purchasing of goods or services to customers.

Both of these functions come together to help businesses gain new customers, retain the old ones and generate revenue. And it is for this reason that companies require Marketing and Sales personnel. This article would provide more knowledge on careers in Marketing and Sales.

What is a Marketing and Sales job?

A Marketing and Sales job involves a team of professionals who have the task of harmonising the two business functions of marketing and sales. These professionals (or Marketing and Sales personnel) do this by carrying out various duties. These include: developing strategies that would help boost sales and attract new customers (such as promotions and sponsored events), conducting research to improve upon marketing strategies, analysing trends and data, communicating with clients on services and products, and so on. 

Marketing and Sales Personnel

Many professionals come together to make the Marketing and Sales department. For this article, we will look at Marketing and Sales Assistant, Marketing and Sales Coordinator and Marketing and Sales Manager.

What is a Marketing and Sales Assistant? 

The Marketing and Sales Assistant has the task of helping the Manager and other executives on their projects to maximise the revenue and gain new customers, through the development of sales strategies and marketing campaigns. They do this by analysing polls, surveys and other forms of market research; they help satisfy the needs of the customers 

through customer care; they create graphs and other visual representations of their analysis; manage the business’s social media platforms; among others.

What does a Marketing and Sales Coordinator do? 

The Marketing and Sales Coordinator responsibilities include supervision of various activities, such as the designing of logos, identifying and looking for innovative ways to attract new customers.

What is a Marketing and Sales Manager? 

A Marketing and Sales Manager is the person who manages the staff of the Marketing and Sales Department. The Marketing and Sales Manager’s responsibilities include implementing strategies, creating annual forecasts to aid in making analysis and meeting objectives, training and coaching the department’s staff - based on the skills and experiences of the Manager, etc.

Qualifications, skills and experience

A Bachelor’s degree in Marketing is a suitable qualification for a Marketing and Sales job. But, since marketing and sales is a subset of business, graduates of Business Administration with a focus in Marketing also qualify for such jobs. However, because of the vast nature of the job, students with a Bachelor’s degree in Advertising or Design, People Management (a Marketing and Sales Manager skill), Research and Analysis, and Communication all qualify. 

To have a career in Marketing and Sales, you would need skills such as problem-solving, creativity, critical thinking, analytical skills, the ability to work in a team, leadership, organisational skills, and research skills. These skills can be developed not only through your studies over the years but mostly through experience. 

As an undergraduate student, most of your experience in Marketing and Sales would come from the internships you do. As an intern, you would be able to explore and understand the nature of the department. Eventually, you will become an entry-level employee. It would be through the experiences and the development of your skills that would help you climb higher in your career.

Marketing and Sales jobs in the UK

Like most jobs in the UK, Marketing and Sales jobs usually require its employees to work from 9 am to 5 pm- generally from Monday to Friday. Due to the nature of these jobs, they are needed almost everywhere, from retail shops to banks. Such a need means that there is a variety of workplace choices to choose from.

On average, Marketing and Sales Jobs in the UK pay between £ 25,000- £45,000 per year. This range depends on your position in the career, your experience and your place of work. So, on average, a Marketing and Sales Manager with more than five years of experience could be earning between £30,000- £40,000. This salary range depends on where the manager works- the business or company, and on the location of the place of work. 

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