Getting a Great Creative Job

by James Marsden, Director, Futurlab

My company, FuturLab, gets a fair few CV's and demo reels through the post these days, and I have to say, very few of them catch my attention.

So I thought it was about time I shared a principle of mine. It's really simple...

If you want a job that's extraordinarily good, do something extraordinary to get attention.

Every job I've won in my life has been the result of doing something out of the ordinary.

If you want to work for a creative company, do something creative. If you want to win respect with a first impression, then do something original.

The number of CV's I take one look at and bin is pretty high, and it's because it says the same old stuff: I'm this, that the other.

Where's the proof that you're a very creative person? It's not in the delivery/presentation of your CV or your initial contact. Actions speak much louder than words.

Pick the top five companies you want to work with, make your CV to the point, and then deliver it with some creative imagination and personality. If you use your sense of humour, you're likely to be noticed by people with a similar sense of humour, and then you'll be working with people you get on with!

You're much more likely to succeed in capturing the imagination of the company you look up to if you stop serving up the same old grey robotic nonsense that is drummed into us at school.

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