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  • What Does an Environment Artist Do?

    • 07 Jul 2020
    Learn how to become an Environment Artist, as well as the typical salary, the potential career paths and the skills and experience needed.
  • Is Game Design the Career For You?

    • 13 May 2020
    Establish whether pursuing a career as a game designer would be the right path for you in this article from Wired Sussex. Read more here.
  • What Is a Technical Artist & What Do They Do?

    • 13 May 2020
    A technical artist bridges the gap between artists and programmers during the production of a video game. Find out more about the role here.
  • How to Become a Game Programmer

    • 30 Apr 2020
    Find out what a video game programmer does and how to progress in this role. Discover the skills & qualifications necessary, plus a typical salary.