Digital Communications & Copywriting Specialist

Hyper-growth global cyber security SaaS business - protecting and growing organisations across the world. is a powerful software service (SaaS) and a wonderful ‘all in one place’ Information Security Management System (ISMS). An ISMS is increasingly required by all businesses to show they can be trusted.  As a result of growing cybercrime and increasing privacy regulations, information and cyber security is one of the fastest growing business topics on the internet today.  We are already being found by many organisations searching for a solution to their problems and are now taking our communications activity to a much higher level.  As such as we are looking for a digital communications and copywriting specialist to work within our fast growing marketing team.

Are you great with words? Can you inspire someone to act because of your communication skills?  Whether that is a one sentence ‘Call to Action’ or a much longer story you’ll excite the reader to want to know more.  For this role you’ll need to be a great copywriter and also able to simplify complex technical topics for a variety of audience personas. 

Probably having a journalistic or similar background you already produce high quality written work that rises above every other piece of content even when you are not an expert in the field.  That, coupled with a speed of action reminiscent of real time news outlets means you are a content machine, rapidly winning hearts and minds, in a world that is drowning in a sea of noise.  Conversion and engagement along with volume of quality work that persuades the audience to act are key metrics for success in this role.

Of course, you will be able to write for SEO, and probably have awareness of natural language processing and know how that affects online communications (if not we will teach you;) Our data analytics, planning and results measurement is done by a different team member so whilst you’ll be involved in that, you’ll be completely focused on the creation of compelling content.  We also have people that can sort the images to complement your words but if you are good at that too it’s a bonus.

Whilst you will be more than capable of writing your own motivational content from a basic brief to meet a business goal, you’ll also be very effective at working with others to create compelling communications too.  That might be writing a technical article with an information security expert, preparing a customer case study or assisting in a partner led campaign that includes online webinars. It could even be writing documentation and technical content for use in our platform or helping script content for our video coaching and communications work.   Your curiosity for the story, an eye for detail and effective way with words will mean the people you work with will simply share their knowledge then leave you to complement and package it all beautifully.

You’ll be comfortable working completely digitally, alone and as part of a team.  Whilst we have resources specialised on design and website management you’ll be more than capable of posting your own articles, posts and pages on our website and in social channels when required.  But this role is all about the content, the words, the imagery and crucially the engagement you are able to achieve with your audience.  That audience can differ from being remarkably experienced in the subject of information security management to others that do not have a clue what an ISMS is all about.  You’ll design and deliver compelling content for both types, whether customer or partner, newbie, improver or expert.

We have a strong international presence however write solely in English so any communication needs to be well understood and appreciated by our target audience.  The tone and style continue to evolve as our business goes to scale so you’ll be confident in all forms of business communication and help the new Head of Marketing find the right voice/s as we continue to mature.

You’ll be personable, a team player and willing to participate at every level. Whatever your age and experience you’ll be fun, fit and into wellbeing, with a high energy and drive reflected in your work and play. You’ll also be excited by the longer term rewards that come from growing a successful business and are prepared to work hard to achieve the results. In summary you are a winner and know what that looks like, what it feels like and can help encourage it in others too.

Skills & Experiences:

  • At least 3 years journalism or online marketing communications dedicated copywriting to a high standard, able to point to evidence of success and the results it has achieved
  • Demonstrable experience in writing for a B2B audience, ideally in an area that has similar levels of complexity and technicality. Experience in communicating for software sales, information security or compliance would be more attractive 
  • A relevant degree and the ability to evidence ongoing professional development  
  • Strong research, interviewing, listening and people skills
  • Understanding of SEO, NLP, CRO and other marketing acronyms that are affected by the copy you will produce
  • Completely digital and able to work online without the need for a paper and pen in hand
  • Excellent typing speeds and laser like accuracy in spelling, grammar and punctuation
  • Able to manage multiple tasks and different pieces of work, knowing how to prioritise
  • Knowledge and ability to participate in video production work

Salary, package and benefits will include:

  • Attractive base salary from £35-50k based on experience and fit
  • Additional bonuses and awards based on individual & organisation performance
  • Opportunity to get share options in future
  • Company pension contributions
  • 28 days holiday, increasing up to 34 over time
  • Cycle to work scheme applicability
  • Childcare vouchers
  • Onsite parking
  • Office beverages
  • Socials, run club and other team events  
  • Casual dress

This is a Brighton based fulltime role and recruitment is subject to relevant security and screening checks.  In applying for this role you give us permission to process your personal data for the purpose of recruitment evaluation.


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