Planning & Insights Exec


Anything is Possible. We believe this so much, we made it our brand. 

aip is a media buying & marketing agency that specialises in data-driven, integrated communications, media planning across all digital and offline channels, and end-to-end creative services. Using proprietary audience planning technology aligned with business goals, aip develops bespoke integrated media solutions for the world’s brightest brands. 

The truth about digital marketing is, focusing on media channels, CPMs, cookies, or impressions is a mistake made far too often. It leads to high-frequency, low-quality and low-impact campaigns that annoy people and are quickly forgotten. 

Agencies and advertisers need to respect people's time and understand the value of their attention. Today’s campaigns have to be more empathetic and emotionally engaging than ever before to gain valuable attention. What's more, they need to create and sustain long-lasting consumer relationships that drive tangible business outcomes. 

We think it's time for something different. And we think different is better. 

Founded in 2017 and led by Mark and Sam, aip creates better brand and consumer connections to make advertising more enjoyable, engaging, and effective. The business is built on five pillars helping us transform the agency world for the better. 

1) Transparency - Nothing is hidden because we are proud of the value we bring to our client partnerships. 

2) Connect & automate - We get excited when we can connect and automate things: When we move time from tasks that generate minimum value into tasks that generate lots of value. 

3) Frictionless - Working with us is easy. In fact, we are the easiest partner our clients have ever worked with. 

4) Smarter - Working with us helps our clients to work smarter. Working for us, helps you to become smarter. 

5) Agility - Flexible working & diverse talent delivers better performance. People who think differently help us deliver better solutions.


The Role 

Working at Anything is Possible should be a life-changing experience. Bold words we know, but that's why we set up the business. Agency life doesn't have to be overworked and underpaid. It should be about working on great projects, with great benefits and a healthy work-life balance. 

We believe anything is possible and need people to help us achieve it. Working alongside the aip co-founders and wider team, you will be intrinsic to the success of our agency. 

You will be integral in feeding the strategic direction of our clients, supporting the insights behind planning the most effective campaigns to drive the greatest results. With every client there will be nuances to uncover in understanding the campaign brief, working through effective research 

The Planning & Insights Exec will work alongside the Strategy & Planning Partners, whilst also working with the wider agency teams. You will have a broad client portfolio to work across, with clients spanning a large variety of verticals. No client brief is the same and no challenge executed in the same way. To call it a diverse and exciting role would be a massive understatement.

Planning & Insights

A common problem that all marketing has is finding a way to get the attention of potential buyers. We need to gain attention for our clients with limited resources. 

Media planning is the means of delivering advertisements to prospective purchasers of a brand, product or service. The right consumer, at the right time, in the right place - and at the right price. 

As a P&I Exec you will be adept at data analytics. In the context of advertising, it’s about bringing together various sources of data to build a story which uncovers a competitive advantage for our clients’ creative and media campaigns. This will include a client's owned data such as their Google Analytics, as well as reviewing competitor analysis and market trends. 

You will question, integrate and question again the insights you’re drawing out and how these will shape the foundations of the strategy that will integrate the work between creative and media; helping to focus on the 'where,' 'how' and 'when' of client campaign ideas. 

You will understand consumer behavior, the nuances of channel roles, uncover the consumer journey, and highlight market opportunities through the use of our world class toolkit, such as YouGov, SimilarWeb, SEMRush, etc.

As part of a team you will deliver award winning media solutions that push the boundaries of our industry. You will translate client objectives and creative ideas into media plans that outperform competitors. 

You will be responsible for a number of executions across campaigns that we plan and execute. This will cover both online and offline channels; Out of Home (OOH), Audio (Radio, podcasts, etc), TV (Broadcast and On-Demand), Search (PPC), Display & Programmatic, Paid Social (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Twitter & Pinterest) and Press. 

You will understand Media Analytics and reporting enabling the client to understand what success looks like.

Day to Day Responsibilities 

This is a crucial role within the agency to deliver the best campaigns for our clients. 

Every day you will: 

  • Work with the Strategy & Planning team to draw out insights through both our world class toolkit, desk research, client owned data and wider data available. This will be used to develop and execute a variety of deliverables for clients from full media planning and execution, to strategy proposals and audience research.
  • Defining and segment target audiences.
  • Manage the deliverables across the aip clients working with the S&P team.
  • Working with the creative team to build an integrated solution for client campaigns.
  • Staying up to date with the latest industry trends and news.
  • Develop your knowledge of channels, they’re individual channel nuances and the technical implementation and execution involved in running campaigns with these.
  • Identify the best/key/relevant communications channels for clients.
  • Work with our Media & Automation team on delivery of campaigns.
  • Work with our Reporting and Analytics team on measurement of campaigns.
  • Build relationships with media owners we currently work with and outreach to those who we may work with in the future.
  • Contributing to new business acquisition through support on research, planning and strategy.
  • Bring our values to life in everything you do.
  • Behaviours that drive success. 


Planning & Insights Exec: Behaviours for success

We all share Possiblist behaviours. 

An optimist looks at a glance and says it is half full.
A  pessimist looks at a glass and says it is half empty.

A Possiblist looks at the glass - and fills it up.

Working with the wider aip team there are some core behaviours that will help you succeed within the role: 

  • You should be inquisitive and have the confidence/fearlessness to question the status quo.
  • Solve problems and grab opportunities.
  • A demonstrable interest in data and analysis.
  • A drive to understand as much as possible about consumer behaviours. 

Skills, Qualifications and Experience Required 

We are looking for you to come in and help our drive our growth through new and existing clients. We want to draw on a wide range of your experience including: 

  • Experience on platforms such as Facebook Business Manager, Google Ads, Google Analytics, etc.
  • Working with audience planning tools such as GWI, YouGov, TGI, SimilarWeb, Statista, etc.
  • Research and analytical experience.
  • A thirst to take a problem and using resources readily available or seeking out those that aren’t, drive to find a solution that moves outside of the box.
  • Demonstrable interest and passion for all things media and marketing-related.
  • Great interpersonal skills for the purposes of: 
    • Working as part of a team.
    • Liaison with clients and media owners.
    • Presentation skills.
    • Fantastic planning and organisation skills (Time Management).
    • Exemplary attention to detail.


Our shared values are what makes our business. 

We’re brave -​ We embrace uncertainty. We test, learn, improve and go again.
We’re diverse and united - ​We love meeting new people, embracing new ideas and exploring the possibilities. We come from all walks of life. When we work with great people, anything is possible.
We’re grown up - ​We show maturity in our outlook and attitude. We are fair and positive, but aren’t afraid to say it how it is and constructively challenge.
We want to change things - We want to make a difference to our clients and our people, every day. We want to set the gold standard and force the industry to adapt to keep up with us. 
We work happy - We come in, create things and make a difference. 

Let's be real:
We have high expectations of you.
But we’ll always have your back.

You must challenge the status quo and see no boundaries to what we can achieve. Be ambitious, be adaptable and be an expert in your field. Help us be better and don’t settle for average. 

You will be an inspiration to the rest of the agency, to our clients and a leader within your area of expertise. 

We want to take you out of your comfort zone, to stretch and to learn. You must believe that anything is possible. 

In short, we want you to be the best person you can be. 

We are a young business and this is an exciting time. You will have the opportunity to shape what we are. But that doesn't mean we skimp on benefits. 

Fantastic holiday, flexible working and self-improvement budget for life are just a few of the things we offer. 

This is on top of a competitive salary and a flexible working environment where you will be supported to achieve amazing things.

If this sounds like you, we want to know. So send us an email with your CV.

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