Wordpress Developer

We are looking for an experienced and enthusiastic Web Developer with a strong understanding of WordPress along other skills (details below) to join our Marketing and Web department in our UK Office. We are a small and agile team with lots of exciting projects constantly in the pipeline. If you are a problem solver and hold the ability to be independent and self driven in our team then this may be the right job for you.  

We are an energetic, close-knit team with plenty of enthusiasm and a strong company culture for enjoying what we do and working hard. We’re passionate about working in the digital environment and we thrive on maintaining and working on new ventures to ensure our business continues to be a success. 

Within our department, each person is a vital member of the team and is integral to the business growth. We get to work across a wide variety of sectors; each day presents a new challenge and opportunity to learn and develop your skills.

Developer Skills needed:

  • HTML, & Javascript
  • Experience in building WordPress themes
  • Site migration
  • Understanding of MySQL in the context of WordPress
  • Experience of managing multiple WordPress sites
  • Knowledge of current trends in the world of Web Development 
  • Experience in managing domains, DNS records and hosting accounts
  • Understanding of marketing systems such as google analytics.
  • Third Party application integration (mailchimp) 

Desirable Skills:

  • UX - User experience
  • Experience in UX design 
  • IA - Information architecture
  • Site structure - wireframing/sketch
  • Core functional requirements
  • Use of Analytics Tools (E.G: Google Analytics)

Personality traits (essential):

  • Exceptional communication skills
  • Taking full responsibility of roles - not faint hearted in making decisions
  • Self motivated and proactive (not reactive)
  • Ability to problem solve effectively
  • Ability to be dynamic in terms of workflow
  • Capable of varying demands
  • Friendly, approachable and personable
  • Enthusiastic and willing to learn
  • A sense of humour and not taking yourself too seriously is very important


Sussex office – Our office is in Sussex (yes you will need to drive) and is a relaxed environment where we have desk spaces, meeting zone, brainstorming boards and a sofas area with a tv & Xbox for downtime.  

Pets – Our office welcomes your four legged friend, but they need to get on with our current pets (no fights please) 

WFH – There’s no doubt about it, how we all work has changed forever! Therefore we encourage working from home 2 days a week and the 3 days you are in, you can come in for as little or as much time as you like. You can be in all 5 days if you really like.

Coffee please - Unlimited proper good coffee and tea – need we say anymore?

Day outings – It’s important that we as a team have the odd laugh outside of work, so we try get out the office for an activity or a social here and there. 

Training programs – Simply put we have training programs solely driven around your personal goals 

Flexible working hours. – We work on a flexible time basis, so you can start at 7am and finish at 3pm or start at 10am and finish at 6pm, your choice!

Generous holiday – Typically we give 35 days holidays which includes bank holidays (depending on that year of course)

Our core Values

We have a passionate approach towards all projects at ICS, continuously keeping our attitude positive across all aspects of our work. We actively look to learn more, improve our knowledge & try new techniques.
We are proactive in all areas of our work, striving to be efficient, whilst respecting procedures at ICS. We are punctual and work towards deadlines, ensuring best practice with every task set. 
We show respect towards all colleagues, cooperating and working together to produce an end goal, which either meets or exceeds expectations. Whilst doing so, we recognise the need for appropriate communication & professionalism when dealing with our work - our roles are integral on collaboration. 
We maintain high standards of quality & actively look to consistently improve the standard of work we produce.

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