Head of Analytics & Insights

The Role

Working at Anything is Possible should be a life-changing experience. Bold words we know, but that's why we set up the business. Agency life doesn't have to be overworked and underpaid. It should be about working on great projects, with great benefits and a healthy work-life balance.

We believe anything is possible and need people to help us achieve it. Working alongside the aip co-founders and wider team, you will be intrinsic to the success of our agency. 

As an Analytics & Insights Director, you will design and implement market leading data integrations for our clients. You will define and elevate best practise, selecting the best platforms and tools and working with our automation team to develop our own. You will help the agency simplify complex data into actionable insights which go to the core of our clients’ businesses and marketing activity.

In this role, you will work closely with clients to understand their business needs and provide insight to achieve them, using methods including web analytics data, media data and in-depth knowledge of the services we deliver for our clients.

You will help us to analyse large-scale data sets to uncover powerful insights that will help to measure campaign effectiveness and drive the agency forward.

With your help, we will grow the business and win new clients. We will win awards and challenge the media industry to be better.

About the role

Our directors are people who take pride in their work and have a passion for sharing it with others. They propel our business forward and know how to motivate & inspire greatness.

As a leader within our team, you will look for opportunities for new great work, and drive our analytics offering forwards in line with industry best practice. You’ll oversee multiple projects, assist with team management, and work with our automation team to envision and develop new cutting-edge analytical tools.

Some of the things we’d like you to do:

  • Lead the Analytics & Insights team

  • Work with clients to design and implement complex data solutions

  • Develop a deep understanding of marketing plans and their objectives to help build comprehensive learning agendas and measurement plans

  • Use your knowledge of statistics to lead the development of marketing measurement plans, and robust forecasting models. Work with analytics & client leadership to deliver the findings of your models to our clients.

  • Get under the skin of marketing problems, and generate genuine insights that will resonate with senior clients

  • Be a hands-on contributor in evolving and designing new, innovative measurement tools, from inception to delivery, through to development

  • Oversee client reporting, ensuring clients are receiving accurate and informed insights on their campaign performance

  • Support members of the team in the delivery of their responsibilities, ensuring quality and that deadlines are met

  • Bring new and interesting analytical techniques to the team, and be willing to educate others in their practical use

  • Implementing and validating attribution and marketing mix models

  • Forecasting across and within media channels

  • Merging disparate data sets

  • Recruit, manage, and mentor resource ensuring workflow is efficient throughout the team, as well as a high-quality output is delivered

  • Oversee refinement and evolution of work delivery, processes, and communication of actionable insights

  • Own the auditing and implementation of clients analytics and tagging tools, ensuring campaigns are successfully tracking all key KPIs

  • Identify and build business case for procuring 3rd party tools and platforms 

A bit about yourself:

  • A curious person with a natural inclination for learning and personal growth

  • 4-5 years of experience in a data & insight role; practical know-how in building analytical models including: time series, statistical correlations, and variance mapping/predicting. Previous agency or consultancy background is desirable.

  • Strong experience with web analytics tools such as Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics, as well as tag management platforms such as Google Tag Manager, Tealium and Segment

  • Strong analytical skills, with the ability to identify business questions, analyze data, draw conclusions, and develop actionable recommendations.

  • Excellent at presenting data in a visually engaging and insightful manner that cuts through the noise

  • Technical proficiency with analytical languages such as SQL, Python, ‘R’

  • Knowledge of the advertising and communications landscape. Clear understanding of how marketing works. Exposure to campaign measurement practices, modelling techniques, marketing mix modelling, econometrics or related analytics experience and best practices

  • Experience in creating media mix models with use of statistical models (Bayesian, Regression, Time-Series, Clustering) & machine learning, calibration of Attribution using Marketing Mix outcomes and vice-versa

  • Familiar with the parameters of media response curves and different approaches to deriving the parameters

  • Strong understanding of what data can be collected and analyzed in both digital and non-digital campaigns, and how each data point should be analyzed

  • Experience with e-commerce, search, social  and conversion data

  • Ability to integrate data from multiple data sets using deterministic and probabilistic matching 

  • Familiarity with panel data sources, media consumption data, collection methodology and appropriate analysis

  • Develop clear & compelling presentations using insights derived from analytics

  • Familiar with DMPs, DSPs and how digital media works

  • Strong client management skills and ability to partner with our Client Services team

  • Outstanding organizational and project management skills

  • Ability to delegate effectively

  • Established and professional communication, presentation, and motivational skills



Anything is possible. We believe this so much, we made it our brand.

aip is a creative, media planning & knowledge agency that specialises in data-driven, integrated communications, media planning across all digital and offline channels, and end-to-end creative services. Using proprietary audience planning technology aligned with business goals, aip develops bespoke integrated media solutions for brands. 

The truth is, focusing on media channels, CPMs, cookies, or impressions is a mistake made far too often. It leads to high-frequency, low-quality and low-impact campaigns that annoy people and are subsequently forgotten.

Agencies and advertisers need to respect people's time and understand the value of their attention. Today’s campaigns have to be more empathetic and emotionally engaging than ever before to gain valuable attention. What's more, they need to create long-lasting consumer relationships that drive tangible business outcomes.

We think it's time for something different. And we think different is better.

Founded in 2017 and led by Mark and Sam, aip creates better brand and consumer connections to make advertising more enjoyable, engaging, and effective. The business is 5 pillars that help us to disrupt the agency world for the better. 

  1. Transparency - Nothing is hidden because we are proud of the value we bring to our client partnerships.

  2. Connect & automate - We get excited when we can connect and automate things.  When we move time from tasks that generate minimum value into tasks that generate lots of value.

  3. Frictionless - Working with us is easy. In fact, we will be the easiest partner our clients have ever worked with. 

  4. Smarter - Working with us helps our clients to work smarter. Working for us, helps you to become smarter.

  5. Agility - Flexible working & diverse talent delivers better performance. We think that people who think differently help us to deliver better solutions.


For more information on what it's like to work at Anything is Possible, check out our Talent Talk with Wired Sussex

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