Web Developer / Yoda

About us

The web is an important place for our clients, and we take that more seriously than most. We believe in delivering simplicity through constant technical innovation and that there are better ways of building web-apps and managing websites than the accepted norm (you know what we are talking about, right?)

We use the latest technologies and modern languages. We constantly strive to deliver technical excellence. We don’t cut corners and we don’t fudge anything.

We organise ourselves to be as a flat an organisation as we can. Everyone in our team is listened to. No idea is too small or too big. We enjoy our work.

We are super-busy with work booked and we would like to engage with even more talent!

We have both office based and remote staff. We are highly ambitious. We are flexible.

Your responsibilities will include bespoke web-application development and the continued evolution of our headless CMS system, Jolojo, using GoLang, Node.js, SQLite and Svelte. This is our fourth generation CMS and benefits from being created by a company with a wealth of experience and proven ideas.

We are now focussed on rapidly expanding our business by building out of the box, turn key, enterprise grade, blue ocean solutions for a range of vertical markets and are committed to releasing that platform for the whole world to use. Move aside WordPress…

Your job, should you choose to accept it, will be to grab this focus by the source code and be a fundamental part of our success.


You may be experienced, you may not. Experience is one thing, talent and skill are another and that is what we are after.

However, you will probably have;

JavaScript framework experience (Svelte preferred!)
SQL experience, especially SQLite
Webpack (although we want to move away from this)
Strong HTML5, SCSS and maybe Tailwind
Any TDD experience beneficial
In an ideal world you will have had 2-5 years of commercial experience in delivering projects (on time and on budget, sorry, yawn…), but this is not critical.

About you

You are probably bored, underutilised, frustrated and stupendously ambitious. You will be a highly organised code perfectionist who challenges conventional methodologies, despises legacy code such as php and is looking for a ‘big modern things’ to get stuck into. Proper challenging projects that need commitment for a proper coder.

You have had experience in producing finished code from rough ideas, micro briefs and lovely fully-fledged specs and mock-ups. You will be able to slot into projects anywhere in the run time, from concept to polish stage, using your instinct, experience and intellect.

You are driven by delivering efficient, polished solutions.

Ideally you will be able to hold a conversation with a stranger, but to be honest we are more interested in your coding clout than your conversational chatter.

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