General Manager in Tech Startup

<p>As General Manager / Senior Operations Manager, you&rsquo;ll be working closely with the founder to drive forward, plan and execute the company strategy. You will be picking up and leading on the operational duties within the business while the founder focuses on product and content.</p> <p>You&rsquo;ll be supporting the team in delivering according to that strategy while keeping them highly motivated and organised, making sure department projects are delivered to a timeline.</p> <p>With our platform launch next year you&rsquo;ll be playing a key role in scaling the business, finding new talent &amp; managing relationships with our partners and investors. Leading in an early stage team means your decisions will help shape the trajectory and success of the company.</p> <p>If you&rsquo;re ready to transition from a job to a calling, we want to hear from you!</p> <p><strong>COMPANY Description</strong></p> <p>Our mission is to bring out the best in people! We are modernizing the self help and personal development industry with game changing technology that&rsquo;s scientifically proven to improve users lives.</p> <p>At Psychological Technologies, we get to work with bestselling authors including Daniel Goleman, Adam Grant, Dan Pink, Johann Hari, Julia Samuel and many others to transform their teachings into interactive, award-winning app based courses that create real change. There&rsquo;s never been more interest in mental health and self development with companies like Calm, Headspace &amp; Masterclass all being valued at $1B+ as they position themselves to meet this need.</p> <p>We also strongly believe in the importance of the people you surround yourself with! Our founder previously helped set up Headspace (he was the first employee) and our advisors come from Masterclass, Audible and Headspace. We are now looking to grow our team with talented, mission-driven people like you!</p> <p><strong>The Product</strong></p> <p>Everyone wants to improve. Whether you want to become a better leader, better sleeper or reduce your anxiety, we all want to improve our lives. And where do you usually turn to? Books, audiobooks, or the internet. But if you&#39;re honest, have the self-development books or videos you&#39;ve consumed led to the changes you&#39;d hoped for?</p> <p>If not, don&#39;t worry, you&#39;re not alone. But if you think about it, if you read a book on how to ride a bike, would you magically expect to be able to ride a bike? The self-development market fails to deliver, not because the advice isn&#39;t good, but because information isn&#39;t enough, if it was we&#39;d all be multi-millionaires with perfect relationships and six-pack abs! Change requires practice. We need help putting advice into action. So that&#39;s what we do. We help you put the advice of the world&#39;s leading self-development authors into action in your life, to create real change.</p> <p>It&#39;s like a more interactive version of Masterclass, with content from the world&#39;s leading self-development authors. We take proven content, with proven demand and deliver it in a more effective way. To understand more you can watch our explainer video here.</p> <p>We&rsquo;ve already launched 3 successful apps based on books into the market. They are individual courses tackling Grief, Anxiety and Self-Compassion that will eventually be integrated into our platform. Our Grief app was recently featured as App of the Day on the Apple App Store and all of our apps have racked up 100&rsquo;s of positive reviews from users that love them.</p> <p>Next year, we aim to launch the self-development platform, with even more courses and brand new tools from world-leading authors covering a broad range of topics, that will take us one step closer to achieving our mission.</p> <p><strong>Main Job DUTIES</strong></p> <ul> <li>You will work with the founder to create and drive the strategy of the business.</li> <li>You will set comprehensive goals for performance and growth for team members.</li> <li>You will define and lead strategic projects and initiatives.</li> <li>You will design and implement business strategies, plans and procedures.</li> <li>You will oversee daily operations of the company and the work of executives (product, marketing, sales, finance etc.)</li> <li>You will manage relationships and communications with investors, including quarterly updates to stakeholders.</li> <li>You will oversee a range of projects, ensuring they run to time and budget.</li> <li>You will work on driving the commercial goals of the company.</li> </ul> <p><strong>DESIRED SKILLS, EXPERIENCE AND ATTRIBUTES</strong></p> <p>To be effective in this role you&rsquo;ll need to be:</p> <ul> <li>High in trait conscientiousness</li> <li>Have impeccable organisational skills</li> <li>Able to assume responsibility by default</li> <li>A quick and logical thinker</li> <li>Decisive and considered</li> <li>Direct and empathetic</li> <li>Resourceful and self-driven to get to solutions on your own whilst knowing when to collaborate to solve complex issues</li> <li>Encouraging, warm, balanced</li> <li>Adaptable to a fast paced environment</li> </ul> <p><strong>Benefits</strong></p> <ul> <li>Competitive salary</li> <li>Equity in the business</li> <li>The opportunity to be part of a high growth start-up developing considerable value, while helping change the world for the better</li> </ul> <p><strong>HOW YOU&rsquo;LL FIT INTO Psychological Technologies CULTURE</strong></p> <p>We believe that if we focus on creating value for our fellow beings the rest will take care of itself, that&rsquo;s true for the people we serve as well as those that we work with. At Psychological Technologies, we don&rsquo;t just want to go through life, we want to grow through life. This shapes our actions, values and approach to all we do.</p> <p>Our Core Values:</p> <ul> <li>Live in service of others</li> <li>Focus on what truly matters</li> <li>Take a growth perspective</li> <li>Don&rsquo;t hurry, don&rsquo;t pause</li> <li>Process over outcomes</li> </ul> <p>You&rsquo;ll work closely with well connected individuals in the self-development space, who are passionate about improving the wellbeing of the world. You will have a critical role in helping shape, grow and building the business.</p> <p>We embrace remote, flexible working and in person working in Brighton. We realise people like to have their own space and flexibility, while also realising enthusiasm is magnified in person - so we strive to create that happy medium working 50% remote, 50% in person. Our focus is on creating a compassionate and productive workplace, where we feel able to bring our whole selves to work. We grow together, through the good times and the bad, putting the best self-development advice into practice.</p> <p>We get huge satisfaction from the feedback we get from the people that use our products. Getting to do meaningful work that helps others is the thing that brings us all together and is the fuel that drives us to bring self-development to life.</p> <p>Employment Type</p> <p>Full-time</p> <p>Office Based in Brighton / Mix of Remote and Office Based</p>

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