Digital Marketing Manager (PPC & Paid Marketing)

We’re looking for the right person to join our dream team at Gamely Games, take a lead on our Amazon advertising, PPC campaigns and help take our digital marketing to the next level!

In the last six years Gamely has grown from a nugget of an idea to a flourishing small business that has sold over a quarter of a million games. We won the Small Business of the Year in 2019 and over the last year we have also expanded internationally across Europe and further afield. As a business we’re all about having fun and doing good, and this is reflected in the way we work and our care for the planet and our small team. We want to be the best employer you’ll ever have!

With a primary focus on managing our PPC, you will oversee all our digital marketing campaigns and help us grow our happy little business even further. Although we sell to both major and independent retailers, the majority of our sales come via Amazon. We are therefore looking for someone who either is, or wants to become, an Amazon marketing master. 

Working with our small but mighty range of games, you’ll be someone who loves to get stuck into the nitty-gritty of PPC in order to help us maximise our sales and ROI. You are someone who loves working with data, helping us gain insights from across our digital marketing to help us improve our products and perfect our listings. Beyond PPC, you’ll be someone who embraces the diversity and range of tasks that are part of working in a small, exciting and growing business. You’ll be someone who wants to get stuck in and use your initiative to develop both our marketing and the business more broadly.

You’ll be working as part of a small and supportive team and will be encouraged to make the role your own, working on your own initiative and in the way that suits you best. You’ll also be invited to bring your own ideas and personality to the role, and you will play an integral role in the business. Along the way you’ll get to see many different parts of the business and have the opportunity to learn about and input into areas that are beyond the core focus of your role. You’ll be able to clearly and confidently communicate with the team, helping us non-marketing, non-PPC people understand your insights and actions in a way that is understandable and clear.

If this role went perfectly then you would be nailing our Amazon PPC, helping us improve both our sales and ROI, and having everything organised (and automated?) to help this run smoothly and efficiently. You’d be using the insights gained from our PPC campaigns and elsewhere to help us understand how we talk about our games and company and to help us improve how we do things. And as a lovely little bonus, you’d be using some of your additional skills and interests to add extra value to the business and the work we’re doing. And, of course, you’d be absolutely loving life at Gamely too - this part really matters to us too! 

For our part, we will be a company that you love being a part of, offering you all the support and encouragement you need to not just do the job well, but flourish as a person. How we care for the planet and our team really matters to us, and this will reflect in how this job looks and how we look after you. This is a part-time role, and we are flexible about how, when and where you work. In an ideal world we’d love to see you in our Brighton office once a week but for an exceptional candidate we would consider remote working, but we would ask you come to our Brighton office 6 times a year for time together as a team.

We are deliberately advertising this post beyond our own network because we hope we’ll find applicants with a diverse range of backgrounds, experiences and perspectives. We value diversity in all forms and we believe that increased diversity will only make our company better. 

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