UX // UI Designer

Who we are

Hello 👋 we’re Psyt.

We’re a technology company that transforms self development advice into interactive practices you can do on your phone.

Why? Well, think about it this way - when’s the last time the books, podcasts or talks you’ve loved have led to the changes you’d hoped for? It’s not because the advice isn’t good, it’s because change requires practice. 

To create meaningful and lasting change we must go from passive consumers to active participants in our life stories. 

So that’s what we help people do, we turn great advice into practical, concise and effective actions you can apply to your life anywhere, any time it’s convenient to you. 

Where we’re at

We started by taking books written by wellbeing & mental health experts and turning them into individual apps each with an interactive course you can follow. 

You can see them live on the app store here.

Now we’re launching a self development platform that brings the advice of a broad range of experts onto a single app. 

And not just advice from books, but from all types of self development content! With topics ranging from productivity and decision making to overcoming anxiety and learning to have self compassion. It’ll be a one stop shop for people that want to improve their lives.

We’ve completed the UX design of our MVP and have started to apply the brand across the UI of our app, our websites and our marketing collateral.

Now we’re looking for a UX/UI designer to join our team to continue our mission to redefine the self development space as we ramp up to our product launch. 

What we’re looking for

We’re looking for someone who is:

Curious about the self development space and passionate about our mission to redefine it.

Experienced with both UX and UI. You’re a user champion, with a great portfolio, that is comfortable switching between UX and UI work at the drop of a hat and is able to design across multiple mediums including our app, websites and marketing collateral to name just a few.

An excellent communicator and collaborator. It comes naturally to you to work alongside others, presenting your ideas and defending them as well as being open minded to feedback and ideas from others. 

A natural problem solver. Your strength is your desire to solve tricky problems, collaborating with the product & leadership team to define and implement solutions to product direction, visuals and user experience. 

An original thinker. You have the ability to conceptualise new ideas bringing simplicity and user friendliness to complex design roadblocks.   

Able to build on the work of others. You’re able to grasp the essence of the brand, find ways to visually communicate it throughout the app and find its relevance to the user.  

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