Junior Project Manager

Ah, you’re one of those rare sorts are you?

The type who loves steering ships full of unruly creative souls through uncharted waters. Sorta like that series The Terror…but with more high fives and less cannibalism.

Well, we’re looking for one of you. A really great budding PM who can take things on and learn quickly. And possibly fend off supernatural bears. (If you haven’t seen The Terror, just ignore this nonsense and read on. Or go watch it and come back later.)

At Tilt, project managers are plugged right into the heart of the agency. They get to work across all departments – strategy, design, development, film, motion, illustration and more – and act as key client contacts. If you have ideas they’ll be heard. If you have thoughts you can voice them. PMs don’t just sit noodling on spreadsheets – they get stuck into the hum and thunder of creative life.

So, you don’t have to be the finished article, not yet. But you do need the right mindset and to be able to point to evidence that you have what it takes.


PM chops. You:

  • Are mighty organised.
  • Have a good brain for budgets.
  • Have some experience in pm'ing or supporting both film and interactive projects.
  • Can put together a plan.
  • Can prioritise tasks and roles.
  • Dig the detail.
  • Communicate beautifully – with the team and the client.
  • Know your way around a spreadsheet, for tracking budgets and timelines.
  • Can manage client feedback and oversee quality control during digital projects. (Bug tracking software experience is a bonus.)


Personal qualities. You:

  • Love what you do. Seriously, we can tell.
  • Get a kick out of seeing great work go live.
  • Have a hunger to learn. There are opportunities to grow at Tilt, if you have the appetite.
  • Love working with different departments, disciplines and shapes of brain.


Sound like you?

Look, if you’re not 100% on all of the above, don’t let that put you off.

Mindset, attitude and the desire to learn matter more to us than a checklist of skills.

So, if you’re looking for a chance to grow and blossom in an award-winning agency that’s obsessed with doing great work and treating people brilliantly, get in touch and unlock your potential.

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