Communications & Engagement Lead

To create engagement and communications that cultivate a connected service.

This new role is an investment in relationships, culture and how we share the value of the work Sussex MSK Partnership does and can do, both within the service and within the communities it serves.

This role is creative. It is about discovering ways to create connections between people in and around the service. It is about creating connections between people and ideas.

Connecting means:

  • Connecting Sussex MSK Partnership to our varied communities
  • Connecting individuals who need care to Sussex MSK Partnership
  • Connecting across our different teams, geography and locations
  • Connecting what we do every day with our purpose, values and culture

Sussex MSK Partnership Sussex
MSK Partnership exists to put people at the centre of their care and offer support with musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions relating to muscles, bones or joints, from diagnosis through to treatment. It is made up of clinical and
non-clinical staff delivering services and functions across a number of locations across Sussex.

The service is delivered by a partnership between Here and Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust. The new Communications and Engagement Lead will be employed by Here.

Job details

You will bring your skills, experience and personal qualities and strengths to shape this role. You’ll have opportunities to develop in this role as you hold a portfolio of engagement and communication responsibilities.

You will:

  • Get to know everybody in the service
  • Engage colleagues in sharing great practice and what they’re proud of
  • Connect people and be a conduit for helping information to flow
  • Contribute to and be an active participant in SMSKP and Here cultural life
  • Support and challenge colleagues

In our community engagement work:

  • SMSKP will be known about and well connected to community networks which will be easily measured using, for example, Google Analytics location data
  • You will support our Patient Partner team to connect with people and increase numbers and diversity of community engagement in our Big Conversation community events

Within our internal communications you will create:

  • A lively regular email (weekly comms), using written, photographic and video media
  • Content that shows how we work and what we’re proud of, that we can share with wider audiences
  • People in the service teams know what they need to know to do their best work, know where to ask and where to get it     

Within external communications you will:

  • Ensure that the patient facing SMSKP website works and is kept up to date so that patients can find the information they need, clinicians can use it to give patients information, and people in community and other providers can use website to access resources (Sharing our best practice)    
  • Measure success using Google Analytics or other tools
  • Oversee and share content on the SMSKP social media channels
  • Oversee SMSKP reviews on external platforms such as Google and NHS choices


  • You are interested and curious in people and what they care about
  • You enjoy creatively responding to needs and opportunities
  • You enjoy getting stuck into things, solving problems and finding ways to make things work
  • You enjoy working with seed of an idea or need and developing it
  • You are able to take responsibility, initiating things and making them happen


This person may have experience

  • In a charity sector, community, arts, or community arts background
  • Being purpose and values driven, seeking to make a difference with the work they do
  • Wanting to do good in the world and having fun doing it
  • Building networks of strong relationships as they work

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