Marketing Manager needed to drive growth

Are you a Marketing Manager with a track record of helping to grow a small business or a marketer looking to step into a leadership role within a small team?

Do you have a good broad marketing skill base but really like to nerd out on SEO, PPC campaign management, marketing automation and campaign creation?

Are you able to understand both B2B and B2C audiences and adapt your marketing skills to suit?

Do enjoy mentoring/coaching your team so they successfully grow their skills and reach their objectives?

If so, then perhaps you are the person to join us as our Marketing Manager and become the marketing engine of our business.

About Us

VetX International is a small, but growing business based in Brighton, committed to helping humans get along so workplaces thrive. We do this by providing education, recruitment and performance management services to our clients who are veterinarians.

Our mission is to become the leading provider of recruitment and performance management services to veterinarians and veterinary practices in the US, UK and Australia. To do this we will have 5000 active veterinarians and 300 active practices using our service to create thriving workplaces by 2025.

We also have a sister company, Roundwood Vets, which is a veterinary business based in North-West London which has a brick-and-mortar practice and a mobile end-of-life care service extending into the Home Counties. We’re taking this part of our business national, so there are going to be a lot of growth opportunities along the way in driving this.

Safe to say we’re going to have to hustle, grow fast and innovate a lot as a team to get there. But we are committed to making this a reality and need your help to achieve this.

As a small company, there is a lot for everyone to do and your days will be exciting, varied and sometimes unpredictable. We are looking for people who are comfortable in a fast-paced, informal environment where there is great freedom in your day. So if you are someone who needs lots of structure and doesn’t like being pushed, challenged and cheered on, this might not be the best team for you to join. That said, we do have processes and deadlines for things like publishing, so we don’t want architects of chaos either.

We have strong values and run our entire company based on these, so it is essential that you know what these are and share them. Here’s what they are:

  • We do innovative work to change the world around us.
  • We learn and grow our experience and skills because growth is the vehicle to better things.
  • We are thoughtful and help others - team, customers, community and planet.
  • We build fun into our work.
  • We act with integrity so people trust us.
  • We show up as team members and own our work and actions each day.

If any of these are not a good fit for you then no worries, you do you, but this probably isn’t the opportunity for you. We really do hire, manage and fire to these values.

The Position

We are looking for a marketing manager who will drive the lead generation for the business through a multitude of marketing tools - delivering applications to the VetX Leaders course, sign-ups to the VetX Thrive course, and appointments to both our vet practice and end-of-life care services.

To accomplish this you will also be responsible for creating and executing marketing plans that you and your team can successfully implement.

Speaking of your team, you’ll be leading two other marketers at first. As the business grows we expect this to increase. You’ll be reporting to the CEO and he’ll work closely with you to help develop your leadership skills as you learn the job.

The role comprises what we call a Big Three. These are the three areas that you’ll be responsible for each week. Those are:

1. Marketing Plan Creation.

2. Marketing Team Leadership.

3. Lead Generation.

Here’s some more detail in each area of what’s expected. Your team will clearly be assisting with getting these things done, so it isn’t all on your shoulders!

Lead Generation

  • Drive traffic to websites and increase registered users with 100% profile completion.
  • Produce Leaders applicants for the sales team to close
  • Produce Hospice and End of Life care appointments for vets to close
  • Produce new client registrations for the Veterinary Practice.
  • Create and manage funnels that capture prospects and drive them deeper into our content maze so they have a clear awareness of their issues and understand how our services can help them.
  • Build and optimise automated email campaigns that trigger from user interactions to move them through the funnel.
  • Develop paid advertising campaigns that move prospects through the customer journey through Google ads, Facebook ads and LinkedIn ads.
  • Run PPC campaigns for new webinars/products/services.
  • Optimising search engine advertising campaigns
  • Assist and plan with marketing materials for presences at veterinary conferences around the globe
  • Exploring and utilising traditional advertising through podcasts, website sponsorships, leaflets to vet practices etc
  • Manage the email marketing and newsletter publishing and ensure a high click-through rate and lead generation
  • Build and nurture email lists
  • Manage the website and keep it up to date with current SEO best practices.

Marketing Plans/Execution

  • Research different ways to increase traffic/applications/customers/awareness of the brand
  • Research the budget needed and present a forecast of leads and profit
  • Present clear plans that include budget, actions and timescale
  • Take ownership of the progress and results of these campaigns
  • Review each campaign carefully to ensure to capture lessons learned and improve in future.
  • Assist in the development of new products

Leading The Team

  • Recruit the team members required to execute the plan.
  • Hold weekly one-to-ones with team members to make sure that they are on track and receive any help that they need.
  • Push the team to grow by setting clear and attainable goals then holding them accountable for reaching these targets.
  • Be the point of contact for any queries or struggles from team members to ensure that they are clear on what they are doing, have the resources to execute and are working in a positive mindset.
  • Manage freelancer and in-house content producers, making sure that the publishing process is followed and we hit publishing deadlines.

About You

You will need to have the following skills already:

  1. You will be proficient in utilising different digital marketing tools such as PPC, SEO, email marketing, CRM and social media.
  2. You will have a track record of designing and implementing successful marketing campaigns
  3. You will be able to effectively lead (or be ready to step into this role) a team of marketing professionals and set goals and hold the team accountable.
  4. You will be able to decipher data on previous marketing campaigns and reflect on the results to drive better results in the future
  5. You will have a degree in marketing, or sufficient experience in marketing (3+ years)
  6. You will have been a team leader in some capacity for at least one year.
  7. You will not be afraid of seagulls stealing your chips or ice cream.

Location & Start Date

We are based in Seven Dials in Brighton, East Sussex and we anticipate this role commencing as soon as possible.

Next Steps

In order to submit your application, please send your CV, cover letter and three examples of your work of your marketing successes to

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