Article Writer for Software Engineering Topics

We are looking for several people who are interested in writing technical content for software companies. They come to us as we have a solid process for explaining how their software is created. We create the examples for you to use and we need you to be the writer responsible for turning the technical example into a 1300-word article that highlights the benefits of the example.

If you are a developer, coder or have enough technical knowledge to be able to write on these kinds of topics, get in touch. We'll send you a clear demo of the type of thing we do for clients such as AWS/Udacity/Serverless.

We don't expect you to be the world's best writer. It would be great if you had some examples of experience in writing about software topics - either documentation or, better, online articles with code examples.

We are keen to recruit people with a positive attitude who are keen to learn and grow. Your ability to write great articles will be reflected in the offer you get and we have no upper limit on how much responsibility you want to take on. If you don't have any writing experience but you have the technical background, we're happy to train you up on writing articles for the web.

Sound interesting? Click “Apply” on this page which will take you to our contact form.

This job is fully remote so you can work anywhere in the UK or Europe. We care about quality and deadlines - the rest of your life is your business.

And let us know why you are interested. If you are unsure, just email with any small questions. We're friendly :)

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