Senior Software Engineer - Java and JavaScript - NetDimensions

Brighton and Hove

Closing date: 08/05/2018

Job Description:

We are looking for an enthusiastic, passionate and self-motivated senior software engineer to help us define and deliver new software (sub-)systems and extend existing systems.

You will be supporting other developers as they carry out sprints of design and implementation work and personally undertaking more complex development tasks from time to time

If you understand how to define technically robust and correctly estimated development proposals, how to analyse and solve difficult problems across the stack, and how to main contributions to a development team through execution while quality assuring their work during implementation, then this could be the role for you.

A perfect match for us would be someone with a BSc in a STEM subject, who is able to draw on industry-wide best-practice and a broad range of technical knowledge, thrives on constantly learning about ever evolving technologies and is an excellent verbal and written communicator. Ideally you will have at least three years experience of implementing large backend infrastructure, preferably mobile platforms, and two years experience of using open source web-development frameworks to create complex database-driven websites with an emphasis on repeatability. You should also be familiar with SCRUM methodology and ensuring version control and release management based on GitFlow.

A little more detail on your responsibilities in defining and then delivering software architectures:

Defining software architectures

  • Contributing to and support technology selection by considering technology strategy, compatibility, interoperability, support, deployment, upgrade policies, and end-user environments, reducing risk where there is high complexity or uncertainty and introducing risk where there are clear benefits in doing so
  • Contributing to the architecture definition process, bringing structure, guidelines, principles and leadership to the development aspects of the products lifecycles
  • Support architecture evaluation by testing throughout the software development lifecycle, giving NetDimension’s customers confidence that the system will work when rolled out
  • Collaborating closely with all products stakeholders (ranging from the development team to stakeholders who have an interest from a security, database, operations, maintenance, QA and support perspective) to ensure that the software development will successfully integrate with its environment

Delivering software architectures

  • Support the team leads with coaching and mentoring other developers as needed
  • Support quality assurance by contributing to code standards, design principles and source code analysis tools through to the use of continuous integration, automated unit testing, deployment automation and code coverage tools
  • Designing, developing and testing your own code where appropriate
Skills Range:
  • B.Sc. in any of the STEM fields or equivalent demonstrable work experience
  • Three+ years of experience with identifying issues and implement solutions to complex problems in medium to large scale backend infrastructure and preferably mobile platforms.
  • Demonstrable experience of analysing and solving difficult problems across the stack
  • Two+ years experience of using open-source Java and JavaScript (web development) frameworks to facilitate the creation of complex, database-driven solutions
  • Demonstrable experience of creating complex solutions using industry standards and best-practice
  • Excellent understanding of a wide range of technologies, processes, tools and systems, including enterprise-scale solutions
  • Comprehensive knowledge of web- and GitFLow-based version control and release management;
  • Demonstrable experience with automated code base testing
  • Demonstrable experience using Scrum methodology
  • Demonstrable experience deploying and optimising responsive applications for mobile experience
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.
Key Area: Programming/Developer 15-1131.00Programming/Developer
Salary: £55,000 - £60,000
Attendance: Full-Time
Additional Information:

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