Fresh Egg Workshop: Internet Marketing in a Recession

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The Magic Circle HQ TheatreFriday 4th September at The Magic Circle HQ, London

Hidden behind the doors of number 12 Stephenson Way, just a short walk from Euston station, is the spectacular home of The Magic Circle Headquarters, where the finest magicians from all over the world meet to share secrets and master their magic. No smoke and mirrors!

Just come along and learn the secrets of SEO, Social Media and Site Conversion techniques that will give better ROI on your Internet Marketing.

James Caan will set the scene by sharing his thoughts on the current business and economic environment. We'll discuss and explain some ideas that you can all get involved with. We'll share case studies demonstrating actual outcomes and best practice showing how to get the best return for your investment of time and effort.

10.30 am - Arrival/Registration at the Magic Circle Headquarters, 12 Stephenson Way, London NW1
11.00 am - Guest Speaker James Caan
11.30 am - Search Engine Optimisation techniques for you and PPC made simple
1.00 pm - Lunch
2.30 pm - Social Media, Blogging, Reporting and Conversion
4.00 pm - Q & A session to panel from the floor
4.30 pm - Finish Workshop


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