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DnA PR is pleased to announce that we finally have a new website. We launched as a company nearly ten years ago and despite being very proud of our continued success we haven't been so proud of our old website (which was launched at the same time and hadn't aged as well as the staff!).

After a chance meeting with James McLeod from Narvi Media who assured us that something could be done we decided to go for it and use this local firm. Narvi worked with us and local graphic designer Oli Pyle on a series of designs until our wildly disagreeing team could agree on something that we all liked.

We haven't been the easiest of clients to please or the quickest to approve things so it is full marks to James and Oli for bearing with us and delivering a great new site.

Come see the new DnA PR site here: www.dna-pr.com and let us know what you think.


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