Wildheart Media launches 11 online marketing courses

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Guy Anderson & David Keil of Authentic Yoga MarketingAt Wildheart Media we specialise in marketing for yoga & wellbeing businesses. Our founder, Guy Anderson, and David Keil of Yoganatomy have combined their extensive experience of digital marketing and the yoga industry to create 11 informative and inspiring video courses.

Their goal is to help people clearly communicate the benefits of what they offer - in this case, yoga. Because when you communicate clearly you’re able to share what you offer with even more people!

To find out more, and to get a holistic perspective on your website and marketing, check out Authentic Yoga Marketing at https://authenticyogamarketing.com/.

The first two courses are completely free, so feel free to check them out. Even if you don’t run a yoga business, you might find these video courses useful in relation to your own business.


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