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Studio Syrup were delighted to be asked by the Science Museum to create an animation communicating a simple, yet completely new, way of interacting with objects coined ‘See Link Wonder’. It is designed to not only give people confidence in exploring the museum but also to help them make a personal connection to the objects and the stories behind them.

Beth Hawkins, Learning Resource and Research Manager (Science Museum, London) said: “It’s been great fun working in a creative, collaborative way with Studio Syrup to develop a beautiful, colourful and playful film. We hope people will enjoy watching the animation and be inspired to make links between museum objects and our everyday lives.”

John Davison, Creative Director of Studio Syrup, says, “We are really proud of this Animation. It was a great collaboration with the Science Museum team and a really rigorous co-creation. Our approach was to be demonstrative rather than descriptive and abstract. We brought to life the imaginative responses of children that responded to questions about real museum objects. Using a visual device of three columns on screen, the bold colours of the new Science Museum branding combined with lots of humour (including a neurotic cactus) makes it a really engaging piece of visual communication.”

You can watch it out: and see behind the scenes over on our Insta @studio_syrup


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