RMV Productions create VR Experience for Arm Technology

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Arm VRNow days our lives are intricately linked to the Internet. From email and social media, to how we shop, watch TV and order take-away. Interaction with the Internet is a regular part of our everyday lives. But have you ever thought about how it works? Where do your files actually go when you back up to the 'cloud'? Or how about your favorite shows on Netflix? Where is that digital video file actually stored? And how does it get to your tablet or smart TV?

Local creative video agency RMV Productions were tasked with answering some of these questions and showing how future computing needs will change the way we store and share files across the Internet. Working with Arm Holdings, a British computer parts and software design company. RMV were asked to create a video to showcase Internet data centres, at the Red Hat Summit, one of the world’s largest computing and software conferences.

RMV's creative director Peter Reeve explains, "Arm approached us to produce a video showing how a traditional data centres works, as well as the size and scale of these huge installations. And then compare this to a modern 'Edge Computing' data centre, which is a lot smaller and more ‘agile’." But once the creative team at RMV got their head’s around the pioneering technology involved they realised something more impressive than a traditional video was needed. “We’re dealing with the very cutting edge in modern computing here” Peter continues, “So we thought the production should be something equally cutting edge. We’ve made several 360 videos and animations before and this was a great opportunity to take a big step into virtual reality. The video needed a lot of detailed technology information, but we didn’t want to let this make it boring. I’m really pleased we’ve created something which is fun to watch, delivers the key information, and puts the viewer in an immersive world unlike anything they’ve seen before"

The finished 'VR Experience' is a key feature of Arms exhibit at the Red Hat Summit, in San Fransisco, on May 7th - 10th. Using VR headsets computing and software experts from around the world will be able to see inside real data centres. As well as 'journey to the edge' and have an exclusive look at the future of computing, in a unique and entertaining way.

While RMV Productions, may be a relatively small creative video agency, with pioneering projects like this they have certainly proved they are able to ‘punch above their weight’ and deliver high quality content on a global scale. Their company director Roger Reeve, says of the team; "I'm very proud of what we have achieved with Arm. With just 6 weeks from initial inquiry to final delivery we've created a very high quality VR experience. Our crew flew to Chicago and Amsterdam to film the data centres and then post-production carried out here in Sussex combined this with 3D animation and 360 motion graphics. All this content is then played back in a VR app so that viewers can interact with it using VR headsets. Quite an impressive feat in such a short amount of time."

In the coming months you’ll be able to see this exciting video experience yourself when it is released on VR app WondaVR as well as YouTube 360 video. Keep an eye on RMV Productions social media for links to the project when it is released worldwide.

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