Make Real deploys Oculus Go VR headsets to McDonald's 'Open Farm' events

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Photo of a McDonald's UK Open Farms event worker wearing a VR headsetFollowing on from the initial deployment of the "Follow Our Foodsteps" suite of VR content for McDonald's, which saw a 14m truck loaded with hardware travel the length and breadth of the UK, visiting agricultural and countryside shows promoting the benefits of becoming a supplier for the global food chain, Make Real worked with the UK agricultural team to create portable versions of the content, using the recently released Oculus Go headsets and Samsung Android tablet devices.

Acting as a pop-up booth at five farms around the UK as part of the wider "Open Farms" initiative, the idea was to highlight and showcase the farming and agriculture industries to the general public, raising awareness of livestock standards of care and best practice as well as informing visitors where their food comes from and the processes involved to take it from field to shelf.

Make Real has been working with McDonald's UK since 2016, building upon the initial deployment of the VR truck, which generated over 60 unique articles and 42M unique insights online, as part of the launch of the "Follow Our Foodsteps" campaign. Each year since, Make Real has continued to streamline and enhance the content and hardware delivery to ensure technology barriers are removed for all attendees of the nationwide series of events.


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