Factory Internet Offers Next Generation Big Data Enabled Monitoring Services

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Factory Internet have launched and signed our initial customers which make use of our next generation monitoring and analytics platforms.

Our monitoring services which are a core component of our managed service business have evolved significantly since their inception.

Our toolset now compromises of several SaaS Provider tools, several in-house written tools all combined via a state of the art time series database and API management platform.

Our systems allow us to get up-to the second telemetry from devices which are on-premise, hosted or in the cloud. We’ve created custom collectors to load in metrics from sources that don’t have normal outbound internet access, so we can even work in extremely secure environments.

Our platform has a number of different monitoring systems that send data to our data ingestion layer. From here, we then provide graphs, service reports and alerts. In addition to this, our team of highly experienced engineers and service managers work through the data to spot patterns and show where a service could be operating in a more cost effective manner.

Our service is currently being used across a range of telecom, media, energy and government customers as well as some SMB customers.

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