Make Real & local charity Stay Up Late / Gig Buddies to create VR awareness films

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Photo of the Google Jump 360° cameraMake Real has partnered up with local charity 'Stay Up Late' and social enabling initiative 'Gig Buddies' to create a series of immersive 360° videos of venues, as part of the Google Daydream Impact program.

Using a loaned Google Jump 360° camera and associated cloud-based video stitching services, the concept will test whether the ability to view and virtually visit a venue location beforehand will increase comfort and confidence to visit in the real world, for the Stay Up Late members with learning disabilities and others with associated wider social anxieties.

By enabling virtual visitors to experience a venue "live" and get a better understanding of the layout, i.e. where the toilets are, the ticket office and what it feels like to be in the audience during a performance, the test will help determine whether the agency and embodiment properties of VR content will benefit real world confidence.

So far local venues on-board to provide access for filming include The Old Market, Hove (where the first filming session with members has taken place), C:\Side_Quest board/video-gaming cafe on the seafront and Sticky Mike's Frog Bar on Middle St. We are actively seeking other venues who wish to be involved.


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