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Brighton-based eco startup PassivPod has won the coveted title of 2018 Best National New Business of the Year

PassivPod is a joint venture by Koru Architects and Strategic Management Partners centred on zero-carbon, pod-shaped comfortable accommodation with an environmental conscience. PassivPod has several applications as a luxury eco-lodge, a school classroom, garden office or as a home.

At the forefront of the exciting new field of biophilic design, PassivPod is a modular zero-carbon building which can be used as holiday accommodation, a classroom, office or home, and is an innovative green solution for leisure, learning and living.

The pod-shaped building is powered by renewable energy, made from entirely natural materials and has a gentle visual impact that blends into the natural landscape with minimal environmental impact.

Director Clive Bonny, says:
"The construction industry needs much more focus on sustainability and environmental protection, and this national award supports our mission. The award also ensures awareness of our offer to sell shares in our business to the public via crowdfunding to encourage wider ownership of healthy zero carbon homes."

PassivPod began as a competition entry for the Sunday Times Eco-Haus Awards 2014 (for which it was shortlisted) and has recently won the Innovation in Sustainable Accommodation Award at the 2017/2018 Corporate LiveWire Technology Awards.

The team will shortly be launching a crowdfunding campaign to fund the construction of a PassivPod showroom which will also be used as an educational tool to demonstrate eco design and a sustainable lifestyle. Details of how to invest are at

The National Best New Business Awards supports industrious, hardworking and enterprising small and medium enterprises nationally. Each application is scored by up to four different judges from a panel of up to 30 judges.
About PassivPod

Beyond the primary goal of designing high-quality incarnations of the PassivPod design and executing their production, PassivPod feeds into its founders wider vision for a sustainable society. We understand that housing, leisure and education (among other sectors) need to drastically change course in order to provide a high quality of life within the planets limits.


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