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We have been speaking to lots of people in management roles within Marketing over the past year to understand how you learn new skills, develop your teams and sanity check what you're doing with your marketing activities.

Brighton has a number of marketing conferences throughout the year and we heard from you that they're not giving you the attention and detail you need as a manager to progress in your career, support your teams and grow as people.

You showed interest in coming to a small meetup for Marketing Managers, to get together and share how they approach the challenges facing us today.

Whether it is GDPR, managing budgets, growing a team, supporting your team whilst still doing the 'day job' or communicating your impact to stakeholders, this event could be the right forum for you to share and learn.

This free event will be limited to 8 people per session with a focus on getting feedback and constructive conversations to help you develop your management skills, meet new people and create support networks of your own.

If you would like to take part in this meetup for Marketing Managers get in touch with Andy -


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