England v Sweden: Wildheart Media’s Swedish business goes from strength to strength

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Wildheart Media: Authentic Content Marketing Wildheart Media has offices in both Stockholm and Brighton - which made the Sweden v England World Cup quarter final very tense for us!

Our founder Guy has been busy building up the Swedish business over in Stockholm, which has been his home now for over 3 years.

We deliver the same great value packages from both businesses, and offer these to customers all over the world. If you're in Sweden, you can visit our dedicated Swedish website https://wildheartmedia.se/ which will be fully translated into Swedish over the coming months.

We’ve been busy serving our Swedish clients with our website restructure and SEO (search engine optimisation) packages, and have also delivered several multilingual WordPress websites, so we’re fast becoming a multilingual business. If you have any Swedish clients who need help with their marketing, you now know where to send them!

Check out the packages we offer: https://wildheartmedia.com/content-marketing-packages/


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