New sustainable online shop launched to help reduce plastic waste in Sussex

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A new shop focused on reducing plastic waste and making it easier for Brighton residents to shop ethically and sustainably has been opened by a local Sussex-based freelancer.

The founder of Worthwhyle, Ashley Sheets said "The amount of waste we produce as a society needs to be addressed. We all saw the huge amount of plastic bottles littering the streets after Pride - if everybody just makes a few small changes we can massively reduce the amount of needless waste that ends up in landfills and the ocean every day." has launched with a range of products designed to help normal people reduce the amount of waste they produce day to day. Products in stock include vegan soaps and shampoo bars, stainless steel lunch boxes and snack pods, vegan wax wraps, bamboo toothbrushes and natural toothpaste, and reusable water bottles and coffee cups. Many of the products are sourced locally by producers from Brighton & Hove and the wider UK, but also low-waste ideas come from further afield like traditional Japanes bento bags made in Europe, and traditionally-produced soap from Marseille. Everything is packaged and shipped plastic free.

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