Tartle Media hires Brighton journalist

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Brighton-based PR firm Tartle Media has hired Alex McCord, former journalist and editor of BroadwayBaby, and all round top bloke.

Tartle’s expansion coincides with the launch of four new branding packages designed for exclusively startups.

“You won’t believe what's coming next,” said Emily Garnham, founder of Tartle Media, with the burning rage of a thousand suns in her eyes.

Founded in 2017, Tartle Media is a collection of ex-journalists and super villains that work exclusively with small businesses and startups to secure press coverage, as well as content-led LinkedIn campaigns that don't make people want to stick pins in their eyes.

With wholly unconfirmed rumours of an explosive Hollywood biopic currently circulating around Tartle, Brighton should be watching this exciting young firm.

When asked to comment on his move, the enigmatic McCord – who has also reported for The Argus and manned the press office for Paddle Round The Pier – responded: “Watch this.”


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