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Homepage of Frisksvardskollen's new websiteWildheart Media recently completed a Website Restructure package for one of our Swedish clients. This involves improving the site architecture, reorganising the existing content, redesigning the homepage, adding a Start Here page with audience segmentation, and adding a compelling call-to-action to every page, so that visitors are taken on a clear journey through the site.

The client was Friskvårdskollen, a naprapathy and sports clinic based in Stockholm. Alongside the Website Restructure package, they also bought our SEO package and Blog package so they could really take their marketing to the next level. These packages were delivered in Swedish for a Swedish audience. As we have offices in both Stockholm (where our founder Guy Anderson is based) and Brighton, UK, we’re perfectly placed to deliver our packages for both Swedish and English markets.

Both ourselves and the client are very pleased with the results. You can find out more about the improvements we made to their website, and the reasons behind those changes, in our before and after video:

And if you’re ready to take your marketing to the next level, check out the packages we offer:


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