Going the extra ... yard? A redesign and build for 12 Yard Productions

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cast of 'insert name here' a 12 yard production seriesRecently, the team over at Pragmatic redesigned and built the new website for 12 Yard Productions. You’ve heard of Eggheads right? Well, they’re the mastermind production company that creates classics such as these.

Pragmatic’s design team quickly got to work. They created a website that featured all of 12 Yard’s shows, which is by the way, a lot. Each show has its own individual page and on it features related shows that fall under the same category. Whether reality shows or celebrity based challenges is your thing, this has made for a much easier way to find your next binge-watching series.

If you’ve ever fancied being on the TV, here's your perfect opportunity. Pragmatic created an area on the website where you can apply to be a contestant on your favourite primetime program. As of right now, you can sign up to participate on the BBC classic ‘Who Dare Wins’, what are you waiting for?

The launch of the beautiful yet simple website was a success for both the people at Pragmatic and the folks at 12 Yard Productions. In fact they were so pleased that even said;

“The team at Pragmatic were on our side from the beginning. They were genuinely keen to learn about our business in order to be able to provide us with a website that met our needs. This extended throughout the project and there was a lot of flexibility in the design and build phases as well as with the timescale as a whole in order to meet our needs. We’re really happy with the finished site and for the first time we can be proud to refer people to ‘have a look at our website’”.


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