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Brighton-based company disrupting the way companies build and deploy software.

There’s no doubt that the emphasis of software applications today is to be intuitive rather than having to read a 100 page manual just to get started. However, under the hood, software applications have become more complex, integrating with multiple systems and requiring specific versions to fully utilise mobile capabilities. As a result, some applications have 1,000,000 + lines of code, all of which has been written line by line, and needs to be maintained. As applications are only going to get more complex, this approach to building software is unsustainable, manually intensive and expensive.

The good news is, there is an answer, and Brighton-based Green Lemon Company is at the forefront of this exciting technology. Low code software development has been around in various forms for over 10 years, however, it’s only now that’s it’s being taken seriously as the alternative to traditional software development.

So how does Low Code differ from traditional development? In short, you develop software visually, rather than line code everything, then the low code platform generates the necessary code to run the application. It’s the ultimate technology construction kit.

Green Lemon Company are at the heart of the digital community in Brighton. They are a software services company with a focus on building web / mobile software applications on the OutSystems low code platform (rated No.1) for customers in the UK, and they are on a breath-taking upward curve.

Partnering with OutSystems back in 2016, they are finally seeing their investment paying off with more and more companies moving onto the Platform. To meet the demand, Green Lemon Company have had to move to larger offices and recruit a stream of amazing people to join them on the journey.

Green Lemon Company is finding a wonderfully diverse mix of skills and characters to add to the team, with determined plans to double by summer 2019 and again by end of year.

“You can build, integrate, deliver applications in 6 weeks rather than 6 months, saving a fortune on Development costs. We think those who don’t embrace low code will be left behind”. Jon Idle COO

Brighton is the UK tech hub and Green Lemon Company are a shining example of a growing tech business embracing disruption and driving fundamental change, in their case, around how software is built and deployed in the UK and Europe.

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