How can website downtime damage your brand?

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Spending a large part of your life online can have its pitfalls, especially when websites crash or are slow to load. Customers get frustrated and take to social media or review sites to complain, which can often be damaging for a brand’s reputation.

Hyve recently carried out research into the relationship between website downtime and brand image. We found that a third of UK shoppers judge a website that is experiencing technical issues.

The study of over 1,000 consumers found that if visitors were trying to access the site for a second time and there were still technical issues, their impression of the company would be further damaged and they would lose trust in the brand.

When it came to downtime over a busy shopping period like Black Friday or Christmas, consumers would lose trust in the brand even more and would purchase products and services from a competitor’s site.

As most people now regularly shop for products and services online, we come to expect a high level of user experience when we navigate the web. So why doesn’t every company value their web presence?

Keeping your website online and accessible for your customers is vital, which is why hosting with a provider that can guarantee website uptime and provide reactive technical support is so important.

Hyve is a hosting provider based in Brighton, keeping the likes of Carluccio's, the NHS, Safestore and Southampton FC online. If you'd like to discuss any downtime that you've had with your current provider or to discuss your hosting setup, we'd love to talk. Drop us a line on 01273 672 834.


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