VR launch at the 2019 Tefaf Art Fair

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Brighton based RBD Design recently completed and launched a VR experience at the prestigious Tefaf Art Fair in Maastricht, The Netherlands.

Created for Daniel Crouch Rare Books the experience took users on a journey through two antique maps: Cornelis Anthonisz’s 1554 view of Amsterdam (the first known printed map of the city) and a monumental 1739 plan of Paris by Michel-Etienne Turgot.

“It’s a way of giving additional access to the material, and making it more accessible to the market,” Crouch told Artnet News. “It’s also a very busy fair, and I can’t talk to everyone in the stand about everything on the map. But I can give them a pair of googles that imparts that information.”
(Source: Artnet News)

Overall it was a very successful project, generating fantastic PR for the stand and event, with users from across the broad spectrum of Tefaf's demographic engaging with VR and learning more about these unique antique artworks.

You can read more about the project on Artnet News

and also as part of LXRY TV (The Netherlands) own coverage of the event.


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