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Still from WHAT CAN YOU ENVISION?A short film produced by Paean Films and commissioned by Experient, entitled WHAT CAN YOU ENVISION?, has been unveiled today. The film promotes Envision, the company’s flagship event management conference for their internal strategic account and sourcing managers.

Clocking in at just over sixty seconds, WHAT CAN YOU ENVISION? through combination of image and sound seeks to encapsulate the essence of the event. Whether it is the feverish dealings of the marketplace by day, or the plentiful opportunities to network and party by night.

WHAT CAN YOU ENVISION? marks the third collaboration between Paean Films and Experient, the first two being the IMEX DESIGN LAB and THE EXHIBITOR EXPERIENCE films of 2015. It is also the third to be helmed by producer and director Adam Price who received plaudits at the Bafta-recognised Aesthetica Short Film Festival for the thriller MALEFACTION in 2017.

Commenting on the project Adam Price said: ‘Experient’s brief was to inspire a whole new generation of strategic account managers to attend Envision in 2020 and kindle new opportunities, whether in work or in play. For these reasons we chose the provocative four-word title “What Can You Envision?” which reflects the nature of this most multifaceted of events.’


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