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Tree FrogPersistent Peril were delighted to collaborate with the extraordinary illustrator Owen Davey, to create a series of animated loops and a teaser trailer for his excellent book 'Fanatical About Frogs'.

Producer Sam Bourner commented "We loved working with the wonderful Flying Eye Books in bringing Owen Davey’s beautifully graphic frog designs to life for these animated loops and teaser trailer. These are accompanied by wonderful audio by James Locke-Hart and Dan Millidge."

Enjoy the teaser here: and our bechance page for the project here:

Client: Flying Eye Books
Art: Owen Davey
Direction: Persistent Peril
Animation: Ginny Jones, Garth Jones
Sound Design: James Locke-Hart
Music: Dan Millidge
Producer for Persistent Peril: Sam Bourner
Marketing Manager for Flying Eye: Zoë Aubugeau-Williams

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