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To address the confusing issue of how the Internet can help a business, Brighton-based web agency Nixon McInnes has developed a try before you buy offer for organisations based in Sussex with 5 employees or more. The offer provides the opportunity for managers to spend 2 hours with an Internet consultant free of charge, with discussion topics and top-level recommendations documented in a complementary report written in a non-technical style.

The try before you buy offer is designed to address the fundamental issue that the average small and medium-sized enterprise in Sussex faces: ‘exactly how can using the Internet help my business?’

With limited expertise on taking advantage of the Internet in-house, and the demands of the day-to-day business jostling for position, SME businesses can find that this is a question that is simply left unanswered. However this is a serious issue according to recent statistics that indicate that UK businesses are failing to take advantage of the Internet, given that only 492,000 UK small and medium sized enterprises were buying and selling goods and services online in 2002.

"Free consultancy sounds too good to be true, but we know from experience that the majority of businesses in Sussex can make excellent returns from investment in online projects and if we can get in front of people and help them identify real areas of opportunity then the chances are that we’ll work with them in the future" said Nixon McInnes director, Will McInnes.

According to Nixon McInnes, there are also various means of funding that can help the Sussex SME with the costs associated with taking advantage of the Internet, and use of such schemes can bring ecommerce within the reach of even a small 5-person organisation.

Companies wishing to take advantage of the offer, which is being run until the end of March 2003, can either find out more at the Nixon McInnes website or by calling direct on 0845 345 3462.


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